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Inlands 2012

Started by BenR, July 27, 2012, 04:12:34 PM

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Hi all, When is the inlands this year. I cant find it on QMSC's website and am trying to do some rather ambitious calendar planning.
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The Inlands this year is at QMSC on 10th/11th November.

ade white

Sweet Dreamzzz, Ade and Joe r stoked after the nationals and intend to race, all being well! Thanks to everyone at the nats who made it such a good time.   
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Will be there come he'll or high water even if I have to bring Eggbert. A big thankyou to Ade aswell for the epic sail in sweetdreams on Friday even if I did get a bit wobbly.  That boat shifts even with me at the back of the bus and tailgating a bit!
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Just been upto QMSC.  The bund removal has started but will take quite a while to do (measured in months not days). 

We should get Saturday on the big side and Sunday on the smaller.  I'll have a word with the PRO and make sure we get the biggest course possible.

Provisional start times are 11:30 Saturday and 11:00 Sunday (lets the club race boats launch in front of us).  Cherubs first start, B14's 5 mins later.

3 w/l per day back to back.  40 mins for lead boat.

Floor space available at ours as usual, or there is a Travel Lodge and Premier Inn at Sunbury Cross

Unless anyone objects the social will be a pub by the river in Lower Sunbury (The Magpie) and a curry (though we will pre-order this time!)

Graham Bridle

Sounds great Andy, Thanks


Looks like this one will be another fantastic event. With 6 weeks to go before the event, both Evo and Born Slippy have guest crews arrranged (and as with all things Cherub ATM even this was over subscribed).

Hayley and I are officially green with envy, Wedding is too far away to get back from even for the Sunday.

Andrew Whapshott

I will be driving up with TWU on the back (Its worth the trip back from uni!),   Andy could I please steal some floorspace again this year?  Thanks!!


As there was such a good turnout of 97 rules boats at the Nats - to encourage the same at the inlands I'll get QMSC to provide a prize for 1st 97 rules boat.


Sounds great as usual, put us down for some kippage space.


Can Sam and I have some space on the floor too please?
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Nigel and Sam likewise
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ade white

Ade and Joe staying at friends, really looking forwards to the warm Nov breeze. Sweet Dreams in 97 rules garb.
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Can I book floor space for 2 at present. 


hi guys a couple of questions, firstly what is the arrangement with entry, do we just show up on the day and pay then or do i need to do anything beforehand, secondly do we know how much its likely to cost and also people are saying things about floor space to stay at, would it be possible to book in  space for 2??