Wicked Sinner

The Cardinal Sin Project gallops towards completion by the day. This is a moderate development of the successful Slug design, with some extra attention paid the static fore-and-aft stability and to in-boat ergonomics too. Today's news is that the specifications for the fittings of the whole boat is now done, and the hull mould is going off, due to come off the plug tomorrow. In the mean time here is a CAD image to keep you happy.


On Saturday 14th October 2006, the keepers of Primal Scream Phil Alderson and Carol Low were married.

Congratulations from all Cherub sailors - past and present - and best wishes for your future together.

Special Note 1: The most hydrodynamic flower pot in the world - Beside the happy couple is a beautiful model of Primal which was a surprise addition to the proceedings provided by Carol's brother David.

Special Note 2: Malcolm Garrington the best man sailed with Phil in his previous boat AquaMarina in 2004.

Special Note 3: The venue of Largs sailing club was fabulous - you can see Great Cumbrae Island in the background.

Special Note 4: The hymns were sung accompanied by North Tyneside Steel Band who also provided exceptionally appropriate music at every stage of the evening. Highly recommended, especially 'Dancing Queen'!


A really splendid event to mark a very special occasion. Also amazing fireworks over the water - fabulous!

From left: Debbie the bridesmaid, Phil the groom, Carol the bride, Malcolm the best man, and Marc Turner sailor and photographer. This picture was taken by Gav Homer who is an I14 and Musto Skiff sailor.

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