This design was the first to appear after the 1997 rule change. Simon Roberts drew a moderate hullform to be relatively easy to sail. It features a distinctively “wavy” flare line, and waterplane rather further aft than its rule-constrained predecessors.

Robin Russel built the plug, and set about building three boats. These were his own ‘The Green Slug’, ‘Born Slippy’ for Neil Cardno and Ken Scott-Brown (aka Team Scotland), and ‘Nautillius Pompillius’. These were vac-bagged in carbon.

Since then Ben Brown began to build a flairless Slug. This project was passed on to Tris Kemp and Rich Bower, and the completed shell came off the mould in Summer 2005 to be christened 'Hardly Sluggish. The seond flairless slug 'Atum Bom' was built by Andy Paterson and completed by Will and Lucy Lee in early 2006.

Boats built to this design
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