Dinghy sailing in the UK experienced massive growth in the 1970's through the introduction of strong glues and ply construction. This allowed the construction of strong light boats by the average person in their garage. With the development of fibreglass and foam sandwich construction many other classes have lost their home build roots The Cherub class has always encouraged development and home building and has proved that it is quite possible for the amateur to design and build their own boat using advanced materials and techniques. 2684-20001122a.jpg

As such the UK-cherub is one of the few classes in the UK where the majority of boats have been launched and raced by their builder. This passion for boat building is not just restricted to new boats, many older boats have been rebuilt and upgraded through their lifetime and this has lead the impressive lifespan of modern Cherubs.

We try to provide instruction and guidance to newcomers to the class to help them repair their boats and get them up to speed quickly this includes regular class run “sticky weekends” where any member can bring parts and get help with fixing them.

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