Primal Scream is an “Easy Wan” Design Cherub, it is the first Cherub to be designed to the 2005 rules. Designed around a sail plan of 15.5sqm upwind then an additional 21sqm asymmetric spinnaker.

The plan for the design was for a slightly more forgiving boat than AquaMarina to give a good base for learning to control the new rig. It was designed and built for Phil Alderson with the help of Dave Low.

Where the stuff for Primal Came from

After building the boat we get to sail her, and she has proved to be a manageable handful. The hull has a lot more static stability than Aqua which has made for a good learning platform to get used to the bigger rig and sailing twin wire.

Some Sailing Stories

Some Modification Stories

The Refit

Following an unscheduled visit to some rocks at Largo Bay Primal is feeling a bit sorry for herself so there will be quite a few repairs and modifications to be done over the winter.

After Seven months Primal Scream goes sailing again. Full rig tension was pulled on with no cracks or bangs, the sails went on and we finally hit the water. First impresions were that I liked the new deck layout, it seems simple and clean. The rounded decks are eisier to stand on and the Centerboard goes up and down eisier than before. It is quite odd to sail as when I look forward it looks just like it always did, however when I look aft it is like sailing a different boat. Have a huge list of little jobs to do, including cutting a bit off the tiller, as with a shorter gantry the tiller sticks into the boat more than before.


Starting to get some fitting mounting points in place.

Mast bridge in place around the now obligatory section of RS800 mast that all rebuilt Cherubs must include somewhere in the structure

The new mast bridge, jib track thing ready to go in, I am not sure what to call it as it is not a foredeck, or a space frame so mast bridge will have to do.

The wing support bars are bonded in place.

The new deck has now been bonded in place and is almost complete.

View of new deck from the front

The back of the boat showing the new transom and the Gantry nearing completion. Just the control mechanism and one support strut is still required, they will be fitted after the deck is in place.

Gantry starts to come together.

The new deck being made with first layer done and the foam going on. The hull can be seen in the background with the new stump in place.

The Deck Mould is built

The strip out begins. and more damage is uncovered. including cracks to the shroud bulkhead probably from when the support of the mast bridge was removed with full rig tension on.

All the damage is now removed as well as the bits that needed to go for access to asses the damage plus some bits that needed to go to make way for the new layout.

All it needs now is to be put back together.

An encounter with the rocks and that is the end of sailing for a while



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