Natural Born Skiffeurs

The limace Project is to be built over the Slug plug lent to the french fleet.

The boat should looks like Atum Bom with racks.

The boat met the Water on the 1st of april !

She has since done a few race with some success.

After a few breakages (rudder cas, spreader) the boat has been proven fast and well balanced.

2007/2008 winter will is dedicated to some upgrade and finalisation which have never been done.

First of all, the hull will be completely faired and repaint to have a smooth aspect. A new rudder and board will be done and maybe some lethal weapons.

Unveiling day.

was her first time for NBS. In a gently unsteady breeze (4-12 knts) we have been out for the first time.

First good news she floats !!!! The boat seems well born. She is light, strong, responsive and equilibrate. She isn't really hight on the water.

Bad news, the boom is about 10 cm short. Some spliced have moved and some ropes are too long but I did it willingly as it is always hard to theoricly define rope lenght on the shore.

I only broke the jib track due to a mistake from mine. I forgot to add a fix point at its middle. Another identified point to improve is the chute which seems to have to close angle which means the spinnaker doesn't retrieve gently.

2692-20070404c.jpg Ready

2692-20070404d.jpg She floats !


2692-20070404i.jpg D-Day -1 last adjustments

As I had so much work to do, I do not have that much pictures :(

First time withe the mast on. The Jib is so huge !



2692-20070404h.jpg Fittings on

Racks glued

Rudder straight from the mould

First layer of coat

Launcher throat

Deck layered with 200 g 0/90 carbon and 160 biax E-Glass + reinforcement on some parts

Deck glued

Tube on

Snout On

Central Bulkhead glued and tubes ready.

hyde sails ordered

C-tech mast received with some damages :(

After an intense corporate party wednesday night

Transom and mid lenght bulhead glued.

I also finished the bulkheads and coated the deck foam.

That's a rock n' roll time, cutting the hull for the daggerbord case !

Positionning the daggerboard case

With my only mate

Floor Airex cut

Sides cut

Central bulkhead glued

Stem fixed

Transom cut

Side carbonned, waiting for a stem

Inside coating + sanding + cutting frames for bulkheads

External Skin raised

Side foam raised + coating + sanding

Preparation of the sides

First part of the hull poped out of the plug

Vacuum bagging

Ready for vacuum bagging

Mast, prod, boom, racks ordered at C-techC-tech


Small patch on an unglued part

The same after fairing

Airex C70-75 8mm

First layer of 200g/m² carbon (without resin)

Slug plug

Materials ordered at Sicomin



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