Dangerous Beans

Built by Robin Russell in 1998 when she was known as The Green Slug, Dangerous Beans is a previous nationals winning boat with Robin Russell and Will Lee sailing her to victory in 2001. This boat was built on a male mould. It is constructed from 80kg/m3 foam with a 200g/m2 2×2 carbon twill either side. The bottom and decks also have a layer of 200g/m2 E glass for added impact resistance.

The twin wire option and 2005 rules rig were prototyped on this boat in 2004.It is the 'grandfather' of the modern Cherub. It has Fyfe sails and C-Tech spars.

The boat has been sailed all year round since 2003 and is down to weight (with correctors). Whilst others have broken their RS800s, 29ers ets at Stokes, Dangerous Beans is still going strong and has been a totally hassle free boat. It is testimony that a properly built lightweight skiff can outlast (and outperform) production SMODS.

http://www.sailingsource.com/cherub/deleteme/IMGP0163.MOV http://www.sailingsource.com/cherub/deleteme/IMGP0164.MOV http://www.sailingsource.com/cherub/deleteme/IMGP0165.MOV http://www.sailingsource.com/cherub/deleteme/IMGP0166.MOV http://www.sailingsource.com/cherub/deleteme/IMGP0167.MOV http://www.sailingsource.com/cherub/deleteme/IMGP0168.MOV http://www.sailingsource.com/cherub/deleteme/IMGP0169.MOV http://www.sailingsource.com/cherub/deleteme/IMGP0170.MOV


<html><center>Robin Russell and Will Lee</center></html>


<html><center>Green Slug on the beach</center></html>


<html><center>At the Weymouth 2004 Nationals trialing the '05 rules rig.</center></html>

<html><center>Blasting at Stokes</center></html>

<html><center>In early 2007 Beans was bought by Tom Kiddle. This is a shot of him and brother Matthew coming in after their first sail.</center></html>

<html><center>In the boat park at Stokes Bay SC.</center></html>



  • Designs: Slug
  • Builder: Robin Russell
  • Construction: 1998
  • Location: Weston/Covenham
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