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Flat Stanleys new owner

Started by Banshee Ambulance, November 09, 2008, 11:32:32 PM

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Tom K


A little bird (she's tiny!) told me you're Soton based.

If Stanley is with you I am around for boat bimbling/rigging etc.

If you want any help let me know, if not I'd still fancy having a peek at how

how things are progressing.


I *very* strongly advise against changing the lowers system. You're virtually guranteeing yourself a rash of gear failure if you change things in that area. As far as pins are concerned,  you will not get the tension you need with anything other than a lashing, and the boat is engineered for the loads coming down the strut. I think I have an ex Canoe strut sitting in a garage not that far from Soton, and am planning a trip to Marineware when the snow clears, I could maybe drop it off somewhere. You could combine the two...

Banshee Ambulance

OK, i am convinced. I will keep the rig as is for the time being, or at least until I get my 600 mast fixed up. Will and jim C - could you please p.m. me with any details of struts i could beg, borrow buy or steal from you? Thanks. 


you will recall that FS's current mast was Slippery's old tin rig which never had a strut or lowers fitted. FS's step is slightly higher than slippery's  hence why the shrouds appeared a bit short. I don't know if this adjustment was ever made.

If the mast section is different this may change people's views on wether to have a strut lowers or not.

In my view and from a mast staying up angle the more support you give a mast the better. 

Banshee Ambulance

Its not quite Atum Bom but here you go:


At least two struts which are likely to fit FS. They are about 400mm long, and one is nicer than the other. Free to a good home. Each one has a slot at each end through which a clevis pin goes.

You'll also need one of these:

and one of these:

The track goes on the mast. The slider goes in the track. The strut is attached to the slider. The other end of the strut goes on the fitting in the middle of the fordeck.

I may have some of this stuff, but it is at Bethnal Green Marine. Can you make it to London, especially on wednesday or thursday?


I've got an ex Halo strut here which is 663mm between 8mm bolt holes. No fancy fittings - never had any. If you're missing the mast end piece it will either be on the bottom piece which I hope the previous owner still has, because he's supposed to pass it to me, or will be on the original mast, which is in Wales but put aside for me. Either way it would be good to keep the boat as original as absolutely possible... (which is why I'm collecting the bits of te old mast for the vintage Xherub museum). Up at Epsom I have a Canoe strut which does have end fittings, but is probably too short for FS.

Banshee Ambulance

the strut on FS has the slider on the fore deck and the fixed pivot on the mast. I could potentially make this pivot fitting but getting hold of the materials is tricky.


Post a couple of pics of what you've got... I can't remeber the details. All I had on Halo was a "U" section rudder pintle riveted to the mast and a hole through the tube with the ends flattened.


Stanley's prodder has a track on the foredeck and pivoting fitting on the mast. It's just a piece of metal plate that 's been bent and had hole drilled in it.  A pin goes through the top of the prodder and held in place by the fitting.
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Serious plannage in the works...

Banshee Ambulance

Picture of the boat as it is now. The slider is coming apart too which is half the problem. I think the spot welds are pulling apart which is why it is falling apart.


Looks a bute!

Hopefully all your TLC will make FS want to go even faster. 

Just conceptulising the skis to go on any boat to cope with the current snowy conditions!


Prod collection... currently in Epsom, Surrey.

Banshee Ambulance

Its the fitting on the left hand side of the lower prod that I need. Is that going spare?


Quote from: rs405 on February 08, 2009, 08:57:16 PM
Its the fitting on the left hand side of the lower prod that I need. Is that going spare?
Yeah, no probs. Come and get it some time, or get someone who's passing to drop in...