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Flat Stanleys new owner

Started by Banshee Ambulance, November 09, 2008, 11:32:32 PM

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Banshee Ambulance

Flat Stanley has given us a huge amount of joy over the past year. Unfortunately my full time crew has decided to go back to 3 tonners. I dont know where the next step will take me (and my part time crew, Alex, who joined us at the nationals, but he is far more keen on cherubs than the full time one). However, sadly FS has to go to a new home. He is now safe in my (dry) garage waiting for the next couple to take on the next chapter of the Flat Stanley story. I know I have stated 'no offers' on the site but it could be less to the right home. FS has been a great blast and I am sad to see it go but I must thank Ross for such an excellent introduction to such a great class.   

Banshee Ambulance

The legend is on ebay! Tell your friends!

Banshee Ambulance

Sale agreed. We are sad to see him go but it sounds like he is going to a good home. John is going to get on the forum soon to keep us in touch with the legend that is Flat Stanley.


Congratulations to you both:

Rob for reaching a deal

And John for making a life changing decision!


Life changing decision?... texting your seat number is what does that, isn't it?   But I'm sure Mr Stanley would come a close second?