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New Boat Sailing

Started by Phil Alderson, June 18, 2018, 10:18:05 PM

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Phil Alderson

We got 3218 Zero Gravitas out on the water just over a week ago it was bright sunshine with hardly any wind.

For a first sail it went well, although there was not quite enough wind to test it properly, well that changed this Sunday.

The weather was nice in the morning while I was rigging and sorting a few little jobs off the list, but then just before we launched it got up to about 18-20 knots.

The boat felt pretty great upwind, supprisingly settled, for a second sail, and how rusty I am at helming from the wire. Our first few tacks were not succsesfull and we did quite a bit of swimming

But it was a buzz getting the boat upright and going again. Compared to Pocket Rocket it felt a lot smoother through the waves, not as much slamming or bouncing, but still lively. I also noticed a lot of resurve stability from the wings when things were starting to go wrong.

It is still quite a wet boat.

Unfortunatly we did not manage to get the kite up as my measurements on the T-foil were a bit off and even at mimimum setting it was still quite positive. In that windspeed with the kite up we would have been going down the mine pretty quickly.
I need to sort something with the T-foil as a priority but still loads of other things to do, and I am really looking forward to a good kite run.
3218 Zero Gravitas
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Clive Everest

Good to see that the Scotish summer has arrived.
Looking at the pictures we would call that 25 knots down here.
Well done.

Class Committee

Phil Alderson

We did have a good run of warm and sunny, but it is now back to rain and windy again.
3218 Zero Gravitas
2683 Pocket Rocket For Sale


Phil Alderson

Just had a good three days racing at the Largs Regatta Festival, and I am really happy with the boat. Saterday was round the cans in about 5-10 kts, with a good mix of single and twin string conditions in bright sunshine.
Sunday we sailed around the Island of Cumbrae, with the more normal liquid sunshine but a good solid breeze from the East mostly about 15kts but over 20 at times. This meant we started with a white sail reach for about 3-4 miles before we could bear off and hoist the kite, by this point there were no other dinghies in sight. The Cat fleet of A's an F18 and a H5.9 started 5 minutes after us and they caught up about when we hoisted. One Gybe and about 6 miles of twin wire blasting and dodging keelboats later we had to drop before close reaching to the bottom of the island, then a hard beat back around the bottom and up the chanel to the finnish, the wind had got up a bit by then and we were fully depowered, and still quite overpowered heading into the finish. We were first monohull round by about 10 minutes to a lowrider moth.
Monday we had a good couple of races in a decent wind again, although the fleet was quite small.

There are a few photos from the event here:

3218 Zero Gravitas
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