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Monaco - Grand Prix and other events

Started by roland_trim, May 27, 2018, 05:52:26 PM

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So Born Slippy made it out for an eventful hour, accompanied by the noise of the cars.  First session since we broke a shroud point what feels like years ago.

Wind blowing 15/20 knots with gusts of 0. In one of the lulls, Youseef discovered that if you don’t pull in the main and you have a fat helm on the wire - the water arrives almost as fast as the boat is going.  However, as he is a very fast learner we survived many more close shaves after that.

Kicker point gave up before we did. Despite about as much time swimming as upright the hull is dry, the rig tension remained and we will have another try tomorrow.

Feel like I have won the biggest prize of the day.

We have officially found a venue for the 2019 Monaco GP cherub Blast. All welcome.