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Introduction to the Class

Started by BAKER, January 21, 2014, 11:14:30 PM

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My 15 year old son Tom and his mate presently sail a 29ER but are now looking to move onto a twin trapeze. They both have their hearts set on a Cherub which is about right as they seem to be as rare as hens teeth! They sail both reservoir (Bough Beech SC) and tidal (Netley SC).
Tom has saved £2000 so would appreciate any advice on what sort/condition of dinghy he could expect for that money, what to look out for condition wise and apart from on this website, were can I get hold of one.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Baker


Cheese Before Bedtime.

My brother Laurence has been sailing with a couple of cherubs at BBSC (I used to sail there a lot). Can confirm it is a great place to hoist and will make them very good at corners.
Will call later, but I'm sure others will chip in/text and generally be friendly...

Tim Noyce

Hi Jonathon,

Welcome to the forum. Great to hear that your son is wanting to sail a Cherub. They are great fun boats and would be the perfect next step up from the 29er if they are not wanting to go down the Olympic 49er route. My wife and I currently sail our older Cherub at Netley, and so I can confirm that the club is perfect for sailing a Cherub as there is plenty of space to rig, and the launching and recovery is easy from the beach. Historically, there have been Cherubs at Bough Beech in recent years too.

As you will probably see by the lack of 'For Sale' boats on the site, they are in pretty high demand at the moment, with boats generally changing hands before they officially hit the website.

£2000 should get them a decent older boat which may have been converted to the 2005 rules (larger sails and twin trapezes). I would expect boats built after 2005 would be changing hands for £3k plus still. The beauty about the Cherub is that it is a tricky boat to sail and so it is still possible to do well in an older boat if they are willing to put in the sailing time and really master the boat handling. Races are won and lost at the start and the turning of corners so there is plenty of time to be made up against other less well sailed boats!

Tim Noyce

As Roland mentioned in a cryptic way, 'Cheese Before Bedtime' is the name of potentially just the sort of boat you are after.,1731.0.html

This is a decent and proven boat which would be a great introduction to the world of twin wire Cherubs. Give them a call and see if it is still available. I'd be happy to lend a hand rigging for the first sail if I can.


Cheese is currently on my double stacker at Bartley SC in Birmingham, about 15mins from M42, J2. Contact Gavin/Nichola but I'm sure you can come and see her if you are passing for any reason,  Nigel
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Quote from: Tim Noyce on January 22, 2014, 08:22:10 AM
the perfect next step up from the 29er if they are not wanting to go down the Olympic 49er route.
The weight distribution, handling and teamwork skills are magnified in a short light boat, these are very transferable to big boat sailing. Wonder if some time mastering a Cherub would be perfect for that route. Especially if they are not yet big enough for a 49er and "stay in touch" with the system.

Note if anyone reading this from a GB squad fancies trying a Cherub for a week or two to see if a bit of x-training can give them an edge - please do get in touch :-) Promise it will not be me sailing with them.


Hi Jonathan,
Welcome to the Cherub Forum. A Cherub would be a great fit for someone wanting to step up to twin trapeze. I will give you a call later on to discuss possible boat options/test sails.
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Hi Jonathan, my helm and I stepped into a Cherub after spending 8 years in 29ers. The first Cherub open this year is at Rutland in March, if you wished to come along and see what we're about you would be welcome ( bring some sailing gear and have a go). If that's not possible/ to far away you are welcome to come along to Sheppey in April.

Thomas Baker

Hi everyone
Thank you very much for all of your help. I have been looking for a cherub for months now and haven't had any luck, then my dad joins the forum, and within hours we've been put in touch with one for sale! Going up to have a look at it soon. Appreciate all the help and advice. Will let you know how we get on.
Thomas Baker

Team Slatter

Hi Thomas,

I to sail 29er at a zone squad level, currently I am in a 97 rules  boat looking to move up to the twin trapeze. The class is great and will get you sorted. I look forward to seeing you on the water at the next event.

Alex Slatter

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Well that was a whirl wind romance, placed a post last Monday and bought Cheese on Saturday and Tom was sailing her on Sunday! 
Thank you all who posted replies, e-mailed and phoned with advice and encouragement.
Nigel and Jamie, when I get the chance I'll buy you both a pint in thanks for your help on Saturday we would never have got her rigged in time to sail on Sunday without your advice and Nichola and Gavin, what can I say, what a lovely couple. After only an hours sailing her I can see now why she meant so much to you ......Tom has not stopped grinning!

Jonathan and Thomas


great stuff Jonathan and Tom. glad you are getting along with her. looking forward to meeting you at an event soon.
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Tim Noyce


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Great news guys, look forward to meeting you at an open soon.