Try a Cherub day - 2/3 September - Grafham Water
Let us know if you’d like a go

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Introduction to the Class

Started by BAKER, January 21, 2014, 11:14:30 PM

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Now i need to steal another boat... and a crew from one of Rolands catologs


Really good to hear that you had a good first sail.  I hope it's the first of many.  Please come along to events as you will learn more talking to the rest of the fleet and sailing against other cherubs than any other way. 

We had to go to an event to learn how to rig our first cherub and had a really good time both on and off the water.


How are Team Baker getting on?...would love to hear about the thrills (and spills)
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Thomas Baker

We haven't had too much chance to get out in Cheese yet, but the times we have done it's been great fun and we're really enjoying sailing her! Hoping to get down to the blast on the 15th and pick up some tips on how to keep her upright!



Look forward to seeing you at Draycote, are you also thinking of Rutland the week after?

Sailing with a pack of cherubs is alot of fun...