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Contacting Clive Everest

Started by Flew, September 03, 2013, 04:42:43 PM

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My daughter and I chatted with Clive at Fed Week about Cherubs [obviously] and he kindly offered us a go in A & E after the nationals. Keen to take up his offer before he puts hydrofoils on it!


Chris 07970 975173


Hi Chris,

Welcome to the Cherub forum, I am also a member of Hayling so am around there some weekends (not as many as i would like). If you see me in 2688 Atum bom, come and snag me and you can have a go. She's not quite the brand new rocket ship that is A&E but she's '05 rules so still of the same breed. If you don't fancy that then Clive will be along in a minute to say hello.

2688- Atum Bom


If you are heading West (Bristol) at any point then likewise please get in touch and we can put you in a variety of Cherubs that you are welcome to try.
We also have Ronin (Beiker Cherub) that will also be for sale very shortly.

Clive Everest

Hi Chris
I have sent you an email.
Class Committee


Thanks for all the quick responses and offers which makes me feel the cherub class is very encouraging and where we want to be. We are raring to have a sail and hopefully get a boat this year for some winter training. The cherub idea is not a flash in the plan, but something that we been seriously thinking of for a few years since I hung up my trapeze harness to start my 6 yr old daughter racing in a N12. Now on our 3rd 12, and 6 years on I have a super keen tough crew who is bursting to get on a wire. My back is also looking forward to a rest. I love N12's but hate the hiking! Cheers Chris


You need to sail Loco...she is a Nat12.

Not up for sale tho'

Previously 2685 'Loco Perro' and 2345 'Tachyon'


Same 12 too I think, a Big Issue. Ours is from Aardvark with an insane amount of lead in it but still seems very stong.


Yes, Loco is a Big Issue and very, very strong
Previously 2685 'Loco Perro' and 2345 'Tachyon'


Hi Roland,

Would be keen to take look at Ronin if she is likely to be available.



Hi all,

We have had a sail in A & E [thanks Clive] and really loved it. The search is now on for a good 05 boat. Clive has recommended Ronin or an Ellway 5 if someone has one they are thinking of parting with. He also thought there maybe a Banshee around? We are really keen to get cracking on this, so any leads gratefully taken. Cheers Chris


Glad you had a good sail, I'm sure something will tempt you. Looking forward to meeting you, can you make the Inlands? It would be a great oportunity to meet most of the class, and see most of the boats.


Sorry have been largely offline since the nationals. Chris, have emailed you.


Thanks. Will pop up to inlands on one day to introduce ourselves.


Hmm - best place to view is from in the fleet. Will see if we can find a boat to lend you...