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thinking of comeing back to cherubs (must be mid life chrisis)

Started by chopperado, June 19, 2012, 09:35:45 PM

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Ok the last cherub i owned was 2648 i converted it to 97 rules after 97 nationals at Babacombe bay where I won the chunder cup for being a long haired drunken git but im now a all grown up lol.  Im after a cheap old boat to mess about with and restore age not bothered how old hope to sale with the kids if my back can take it i broke it in january and ive been very lucky and been rebuilt with titainium rod (they wouldnt let me have carbon) does anyone have or know of any old boats that may need loving.  Im in essex but can travel to collect


Well done on your chunder cup win! That was a classic event. i was in 2642 . Sleeping on top of minibus : those were the days!

2648 might be found, but there are some good boats for not much cash .

Graham Bridle

Nice post Chopper ! I had my mid life crisis about 5 years ago and bought a Cherub to sail with my son, never looked back I can not recommend it highly enough. You'll be in good company too as we have 4 or 5 father and son teams in the fleet now.

I'm not aware of any boats for sale other than the ones on the for sale page, they are all good and its a bit of a case of pick your budget and level of difficulty, best thing is to get one, get on the water and haul you and your family up to Pwhelli for our nationals in August - I might even re-instate the chunder cup, sounds like just my kind of competition !

Please call or pm me if you need help (number on contact page) - I am often in Essex too (Brightlingsea) if thats any use to you ?


All welcome to the party.

Where are you based? We can probably find someone near to offer a joy ride.

Tim Noyce

Quote from: Will_Lee on June 19, 2012, 09:55:09 PM

2648 might be found, but there are some good boats for not much cash .

I can tell you where 2648 is... it's at Netley being sailed twice a week by my wife and I. What a boat!

Give Graham a call as he is nice and local and I am sure he will take you out for a spin to remind you what Cherub sailing is like. Catanache or Cheese would be ready to go, and I'm not sure what happened to Old Peculiar as that was last seen on eBay a couple of weeks ago and that would defs be more of a project.

We're currently having a bit of a 97 rules revival trying to get as many of the old boats up to the nationals this year, so whatever you buy there will be a good level of competition if you can come along.


Welcome back to cherubs! Reckon we've all grown up a bit, but we still know how to have fun.
Eggbert, cheese, catanache, or something twitchier... A few options around and all great value.

Who currently has the chunder cup trophy?  Sounds like the perfect partner to the spanking paddle. Definite candidate for reinstatement.


Nice one chopper...I'm on my 3rd mid-life crisis and this one involves (like yours) a return to Cherubs.

You'll find the class as helpful and friendly as ever
Previously 2685 'Loco Perro' and 2345 'Tachyon'

Clive Everest

I too brought my first cherub last November to sail with my 10 year old.
3 weeks after buying it I was knocked off my bike and broke vertebra L1.
I am luck in that it all seems to be healing nicely and in the last few weeks we have had some fantastic sailing in the Cherub.

The biggest legacy of the accident is the loss of fitness and the the stone I put on from 4 months of inactivity.
At 48 fitness seems to go far quicker than it comes back.
it would be great to see you back in the class. From what we have experienced so far I would thoroughly recommend it.

Class Committee



Off topic - but I think there may be a stylish way to reinstate this prize and build on the links with the British Heart Foundation.
I'll talk to the Mrs, but I think Team Evo may be willing to make the arrangements to make a donation to the class.
(AKA I may have "broken" one of the donating buckets used at the show and not told Hayley yet - with repair it could work).

On topic. Any of you owners of old Bistro's/Cherubs out there. Please get in touch. There are two options:
1) There is a very active fleet to race these boats against. Come along, bring a friend or a sprog.
2) Alternatively, we would love to get the lawn ornament that your neighbour/wife/parents are desperate to get out of the way back on the water. There is plenty of interest out there on sell or loan basis.

Graham Bridle

An interesting link between the BHF and drinking till you chunder, I am sure they wont have heard that angle before !


Chunder bucket...on the last night - fill it with cash you otherwise would have spent on unhealthy pursuits at the nationals - in aid of BHF

BHF Chunder Bucket (for the most unhealthy nationals lifestyle) - the recipient is told to mend their ways and make amends by filling the bucket with cash donations from their more clean living compatriots (if they can find any). The lucky recipient looks after it until the next nationals when they return svelt and fit from a virtuous year at the gym.
Previously 2685 'Loco Perro' and 2345 'Tachyon'