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thinking of comeing back to cherubs (must be mid life chrisis)

Started by chopperado, June 19, 2012, 09:35:45 PM

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Ok then the fleet seems as welcoming as it was last time.  I was cherub ing I now need a boat not too much money I need to make sure my boy can cope with it and more to the point my titainium reinforced back can cope.   Or if I can't get one in time has anyone got one I can borrow for nationals.   Also cherub person in brightling sea any chance of me coming over for a sail to see if I can still cope with it I'm only in Mersea so not far away.

Graham Bridle

I think from what you have said Hayleys advice of Eggbert or Catanache seems logical, you'll find these on the for sale page, I hope they are on budget they are certainly available now and sailable for the nationals. I am Brightlingsea man and you'd be welcome to come over one weekend, however my boat is of the new radical side and I'm not sure that would be good for your back !

Be great to meet you though, I remember some of the old Dabchicks crowd from the late 70's and early 80's