Handicaps of Cherubs through the ages

These figures are suggested by the Class Association for those racing older boats. They are calculated from old Portsmouth Yardstick numbers for the class at various times, taking into account significant rule and design developments.

UK PY no. Classification Distinguishing Features
920 2005 15.5sqm upwind area + 21 sqm Spinnaker.
975 1997 Hull after 2672 with 12.5 sqm upwind area and 15sqm spinnaker.
1000 Converted to 97 Hull meets 1990 rule with snout and/or 1.8m beam with “unfair” gunwale plan with 12.5m2 upwind and 15m2 spinnaker
1050 1990 Hull after 2635 or 12.5m2 rig, no snout and 5ft beam at mid length.
1080 1984 Hull after 2550 or 125 sq. ft. rig.
1100 2400 Hull after 2400 and 110 sq. ft. rig
1115 1900 Hull after 1900, 110 sq. ft rig 120 sq. ft.conventional spinnaker.
1140 Veteran Must have hull before 1900, 110 sq. ft rig,triangular or no spinnaker.

* The RYA has published the handicap list for 2013, which can be downloaded here the Cherub has been given an experimental number of 920. This number is experimental because of a reduced number of returns.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact the class for answers.

Note: 2705 Flat Stanley has a New Zealand sail number and should be considered to have a hull equivalent to UK number of 2550

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