Electrifying Performance

Cherubs are really quick offwind, having an excellent power to weight ratio and not too much wetted surface. Video footage has shown boats hitting 25 knots, which is pretty fair! Even more important than the raw speed is the handling. Ultra light, ultra responsive, ultra quick. Nothing else comes close!

The Equal Opportunity Boat

No other performance class has had as many women helming and crewing on equal terms at the top level, including National & World Championship Winners. Husband/Wife Boyfriend/Girlfriend Brother/Sister combinations of crew are common. Perhaps the best known of these was Nicola Bethwaite crewed by Julian Bethwaite, World Champions in 1976.

The boat has evolved to need skill and speed to sail it fast, not weight and brute strength. Despite this the boat suits a reasonably large range of crew weights, with combined weights from 16 to 25 stone having been seen at the top in recent years. The ideal is probably 17 to 23 stone. With the current rash of boats with the mis-named “weight equalisation” it is interesting to note that, like most development classes, crew weight is not as significant a factor as in a one design, and some of the lightest crews are the fastest in heavy weather.


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