Develop Top Boat Handling Skills

Learn to really handle a boat well in a Cherub. Iain Murray, Amanda Wilmot, Rob Brown, Simon Daubney and numerous other top Antipodean sailors spent their teens sailing Cherubs. Why is it countries as small as Australia and New Zealand produce such a large proportion of the world's best Sailors? Because they learn racing and boat handling in Cherubs and other similar boats.

Find out what Makes a Fast Boat Fast

The Cherub is a class for designers and builders as well as sailors. One of the aims of the class is to provide an inexpensive platform where prospective designers can try out ideas. A large number of the folk at the top of the Sailboat Industry have a Cherub background. Russ Bowler (Partner, Farr Associates) 1970 World Champion. Steve Marten (Marten Boats, New Zealand) 1972 World Champion. Julian Bethwaite (top dinghy designer) 1976 World Champion. The list goes on. The majority of boats have always been homebuilt, and the class has pioneered home building in foam sandwich in the UK. Perhaps an ultimate achievement in sailing is to win a championship in a boat you have designed and built yourself. The list of people who have done that is both short and distinguished. If you are considering a career in the marine industry then sailing Cherubs and a building project will give you an awful lot of real world experience that's hard to find anywhere else.

Have Fun!

Finally, and most important of all, its great fun to sail, especially if you aren't afraid of getting wet.

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