3 dedicated Cherubs, E-numbers, Riot Van and Ronin turned up at Sunderland YC as an excuse for a stop on way to their Nationals at Largo Bay. On Saturday the wind was blowing around 25 knots gusting 30 knots. The 3 Cherub crews made a tactical decision to hold fire on going out for the first race. The decision was justified as the Musto Skiffs, RS300s, an RS800 and Topper went out, stuck their noses out of the harbour capsized repeatedly then nearly all returned to shore apart from 3 boats, who did a 2 lap race. Racing was then canned for the day allowing for an early start in the bar and copious amounts of food. The wind was a little more reasonable on Sunday, although still gusting up to 20 knots with some real lulls and sharp wind shifts. The asymmetric class were sailing a straight forward windward-leeward course. All 3 Cherubs were late for the first start E-numbers crossed first followed by Riot Van, who made good ground upwind, and Ronin. E-numbers lost their lead to Riot Van after a capsize on a gybe. They chased Riot Van for a lap before getting their comeuppance when Riot Van capsized on the next run. E-Numbers held her lead, Ronin caught up with Riot Van but missed an opportunity to pass them on the final beat to the line due to some simultaneous capsizing. Unfortunately this was the end to Ronin’s day as their mainsheet was becoming unsheathed and they headed for shore. In race 2 E-Numbers followed Riot Van over the line and made an early tack into clear air. Riot Van got a good lift after tacking later and got round the windward mark well ahead of E-Numbers. E-Numbers made ground on Riot Van throughout the race and were right on their tail at the last mark. Riot Van tacked early for the line and crossed E-Numbers, however they had got headed off and had to put in a second tack for the line. E-Numbers tacked later, onto a lift and crossed the line comfortably ahead of Riot Van. The start line for race 3 was very port biased and many boats struggled to cross the line, E-Numbers tried to tack onto port and cross behind the fleet but they went into the tack with little speed and went for a swim! Consequently, Riot Van stormed ahead. E-Numbers made lots of ground downwind managing to sail very low in a gust then stole the lead from Riot Van who over-stood the start/finish gate. These positions held till the end of the race. Only E-Numbers stayed out for the final race, got a good start and stayed with the Musto Skiffs up the first beat. Yet tiredness was starting to get the better of them and they capsized on the first downwind leg on a gybe then again not far up the second beat on a tack to avoid a lobster pot! They did manage to keep the boat upright from then on till the finish. E-Numbers was rewarded for her endurance and won her first bit of glassware winning the asymmetric fleet of about 6 (discounting the Musto Skiffs who’s results were separated out). Many thanks go to Sunderland YC for their friendliness and a super sail.


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For Paul

Here is Steve Irish + Paula sailing Suicide Blonde. The mainsheet starts at the end of the boom, then goes down to a block on a bridle from the transom, then back to the end of the boom, then forward to a ratchet about half way along the boom. Then it goe to the helmsmans hand (if it wasn't busy with more urgent matters)


You can see the forward bit a bit better on this one.


My Name

I started sailing a few years ago in a number of different boats and have

now ended up sailing a cherub after I saw one blasting about somwhere at

high speed


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I have sailed in a number of boats bulleted list of the boats

  • Wayfarer
  • Mirror
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  • LaserII's
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My older Cherub

My first cherub was AquaMarina and here are a number of pictures taken

automatically from the gallery of me sailing the boat in various years