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Roland Trim

Roland is an engineer working for Arup. He was the Project Manager of the Arup Skiff attempt to gain seleciton for a One Design “Open source” Cherub derivative for the Women's Olympic Sailing dinghy from 2016 onwards (a competition won by the 49er FX).

Roland Trim is the husband of hayley_trim and brother of Laurence Trim. Currently owning EVO and Born Slippy. He and Hayley built Exultant Jubilation and is the ex keeper of The Flying Trifle.

Feel free to contact Roland to be invited to try sailing a cherub or to talk about boat structure, home building carbon boats, spars or sails.

“Sailing a Cherub in enough wind to be not entirely in control of one's destiny is for most of us why we do it.” Bill Deeley


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