The first boat built to the Ellway E6 Evo design.

Launch Weekend


So this may read like an Oscar acceptance speech, but there are so many people Roland and Hayley really want to thank for their help and input to this boat:

Firstly: Paul Croote and Yeo Valley Joinery - for time, patience, borrow of spray booth, spraying expertise, transport logistics, kite hoop, all-round expertise and being generally wonderful.

And in Alphabetic order: Aardvark/Mike Cooke - for mould hire
Algeos- for super thin pro-grip substitute
Allen - for supply of chandlery stuff
Arup - for supporting the Santander bid
Car Paint Warehouse - for, er, paint
Kevin Ellway - for designing an inspiring machine
Tom Holmes - for sanding services
Stu Hopson for fittings advice
Maff Kiddle for time, advice and reality checks
Tom Kiddle for time, advice, joining us on launch day and precision finger placement/leaky slot assistance
Phil and Sarah Kirk for last minute chandlery loans when the orders didn't arrive on time
Matrix - for supply of materials
Stu Tinner for coming along on launch day and for keeping us smiling
Tim Unerman for materials advice, time and elbow grease
Vizual Impact - for stickers
Ian Wise - for Rhino juggling

Our next door neighbours - for putting up with the noise, dust, smells and occasional swearing.

The Cherub Class as a whole. Because without them none of this would ever have happened. In fact Hayley would never have got in a boat and would certainly never have contemplated building one. Let alone two.

Sorry if anyone has been missed off - the list is by no means exhaustive.



  • Name: EVO
  • Designs: Ellway 6 EVO
  • Builder: The Trims (AKA Bethnal Green Marine)
  • Construction: Carbon
  • Location: Bristol
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