Camping option for nationals

A kind friend to the class has offered to make his cricket pitch available as a camping option for the Nationals. The deal is as follows;

-The suggested donation is £25 for the week (discounted to £20 PH for shared tents) towards the “new pavilion fund”.

-Camping is on the edge of a cricket pitch, with access to running water (probably cold only), a toilets and a communal dry area in the pavilion. Note:- the academy has ample showerage…

-Cost of camping INCLUDES leaving the field as it was found (i.e. remove litter/leave no junk)

-Pavilion has no electrics, but we have found something to run a kettle/pavilion lights from.

-The pitch is about 20 minutes by from the academy* and Weytax quote £25 for a minibus taxi from centre of Weymouth at 3am…

-The aim is that this will be a “sleeping base”, with largeness and much beering conducted in town and cab sharing the order for late night travel. Leaving the campsite as a quiet serene place, suitable for those wanting an early night. As an aside it would be good not to disturb the locals in the farm as they are heavily armed.

-This is NOT a campsite and as such we are the only occupants.

-To book a slot please email Roland Trim.

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