this boat is being built by two 16year old guys in their study leave who know nothing about building boats. what could go wrong, we will need all the help we can get!!!!

for those of you who dont know: ANTIDAEPHOBIA - the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you!


a duck!

(graphics to follow)

travelled down to the isle of wight to pick up the shell and deck, so excited!!!!

Tonight we laminated up the bulkhead panels from 8mm foam and a lyare of carbon outside, we also learnt alot about vacuum bagging…… the pieces turned out ver well with good resin impregnation :)

a brilliant first day of boat building!!!! me and digby woke up at 9am, and cut out the remaining bulkheads, phil and sarah then arrived at 1030am, a mention must be given here to oscar the guinea pig who was an incredibly usefull aid to navigation to our often hard to find house, with Sarah's help of course!!! the next 10 hours followed in a whirlwind of work… by the end of day 1 we have: 1/ 75% fitted hull, deck and bulkheads (alot of sanding) 2/ made a mast stump from an old piece os Rs 800 mast (yet more sanding tho remove the track) 3/ laminated up some 2mm carbon plate for various uses (very strong) 4/ vac-bagged the tension struts (very clever mould - thanks phil) 5/ laminated both the forward and rear rack beams (some very good use of old drainpipe as mandrels) 6/ made a centre board casing 7/ phil jigsawed through the hull shell, accurately thankfully (sounded like it was going to break) 8/ learnt a huge deal 8/ destroyed at least 4 pairs of scissors

altogether, a very productive days work

well today was brilliant, even if not quite as visibly productive as yesterday, we have made excellent progress though… we have got the bulkheads, spine, transom ears and rear beam supports fitted to the hull, just some filleting and carbon to do there…. all of out bits we made yesterday turned out brilliantly, with the rack beams exceptionally good we learned a huge amount, thanks philand sarah a huge amount!!!!!

later this evening me and digby managed another hit after the kirks had left, it turns out that digby had managed to cut the mast stump perfectly and it was perfectely central, now bogged! We have also finalised the bog on the transom ears finally, we have sorted the centreboard casing and started the link between the spine and case productive day!!!!!!

Well I (john hamilton) was left home alone today, so idecided to play with boats, finished bogging in the spine extention and centerboard casing, also had a bit of experimentation with filleting. all looking good. after the first weigh in, the boat now weighs 15.5 kg!!!!

This half term has been all about fiddly stuff to do before getting the deck on….. E.g. rack supports, Finishing filletting, bonding in tension struts, ensuring everything is straight, cutting deck to fit, jib track supports, rack beam fitting, etc…

unfortunately, i have run out of silica and glass bubbles, so will ave to wait a while before doing the finaly fitting of rack supports and the gantry mountings.

the boat now looks like a boat now though!!!! It currently weighs in at 26kg with all the racktubes on, etc…


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