Built in collaboration with Bloodaxe Boats as one of a pair, the other being 'Shiny Beast'. Un-used since nationals July 2004. Currently having “midlife upgrade” including mods for 2005 rules :

  • New internal and external structure to have solid lowers, stump and gnav.
  • Snout, forecedeck and jib track mods to have a longer footed jib.
  • New stern and gantry mod for T-foil.
  • Old mainsheet post and supporting structure has been removed.
  • New lighter and longer tapered pole retracting to back of centreboard case.
  • New sails from FYFE to same design as Atum Bomb.

Left to do : LOADS of sanding prior to new paint job in “Jessica Rabbit” red. Maybe move the cboard casing, to allow for the bigger jib. Stick the spreaders on the mast. Make a t-foil…..

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