This boat was built as Pistrix by Robin Russell in 1996 from glass sandwich and carbon. She is a Pasta Frenzy design. She was converted to 1997 rules by the builder himself then owned by Joe Snawdon.

In 2004 the boat was sold to Ghislain Devouthon and Laurent Thouvenin, who live in France. The name was then changed to 'Pastatoïde', which roughly means 'Pasta-oid' (shaped like pasta).

At the moment the boat is refurbished in order to fully upgrade her to 2005 rules. The aim is also to give her a nice artwork after checking the underside.


Attila's sack


After a few hours rubbing down


Laurent's cruel smile


Always Laurent working !!! 10 hours later we have a nice bare hull.

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  • Name: Pastatoide
  • Designs: Pasta Frenzy
  • Builder: Robin Russell
  • Construction: Glass foam/Reinforced carbon
  • Location: Toulon (FRANCE)
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