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Loco Perro

'Yo no soy un numero!'

'I am not a number'

Loco Perro is Spanish for Mad Dog (probably)

March 2014

Decisions have been made on the first stage and Loco's prototype lifting foil will be laminated soon. The design philosophy is one of simplicity (no active control of the main foil with e.g. a wand system) and foil assist, rather than the emphasis being on continuous, full foiling.

The front lifting foil will be mounted on the daggerboard 64cm from the top of the board (45cm below the hull, with provision for raising the board) and will be fixed whilst sailing, though provision and a plan has been made for adjustment at a later date if necessary. Adjustment of the pitch of the boat will be controlled by the rudder T-foil using a pulley system for coarse control and a worm gear for fine adjustment. Loco has a gantry which can freely hinge downwards and I am hoping that if the T-foil is set to lose positivity before the front foil, the stern will dip first and touch down will be a pancake not a nose dive. Additionally a powerful, adjustable shock cord, preventing the gantry hinging too far down and the T-foil becoming neutral, should give the T-foil responsiveness which may, just may, mimic the use of a wand on a foiling moth by controlling pitch and adjusting the lift on the main foil. It is possible this will make full foiling achievable, though the main function initially is to control touch down or even avoid full foiling ie foil assist.

Here goes! We should hit the water with this by sometime in August.

September 2013

The nationals came and went. Beautiful sunny weather but not much wind. We have moved on from last year…just. Some photos below (If they're not appearing just click on the blue box with a question mark)

The next phase is foiling

Quite a few boats in the Cherub class are looking at adding a second lifting foil which could see some boats lift fully off the water onto hydrofoils. Though the single-handed, single-sailed Moth has done this for several years, many feel this will not be reliably achievable in a relatively complex boat like the Cherub. In Loco Perro we are aiming for foil-assist or 'skimming'. Anyone successful in developing a workable system, usable across a wide range of wind conditions, could do very well next year. The race is on…



Thanks to Tom Gruitt for the photos:

July 2013

At last the Nationals are nearly upon us. We are lacking in practice but are raring to go. We had a good Weymouth Regatta despite Sam being in Viet Nam - thanks for Tom stepping in and also spotting some rigging issues etc

We doubt if we will be competitive but we have set up 2 video cameras in order to pick up some on the water action and will post the edited videos. Hopefully there should be some crowded starts and downhill sleigh rides to catch.

Loco at the Inlands 2012:

November 2012 and I am reflecting on my first season back in Cherubs for 25 years. The boats have changed…they are even better…the feeling as that big kite fills…(eyes become fixed into the distance, loses his train of thought and breaks into a smile)….

To anyone considering Cherubs but put off by twin wiring or the boats' reputation - don't worry, get in there. Single wire at first downwind, upwind it's not really an issue.

A rough Nationals and illness meant we didn't get going until the Autumn. Loco is pretty sorted now and has the ability (if we have) to snap at the heels of the E5/6s and Banshees. Current plan is to update the foils which is where extra performance may lie.

March 2012 Loco Perro has moved from the beautiful south to sunny Bournville, within shouting distance of the chocolate factory (and Cadbury World) - so if you fancy putting on a few pounds come and see us.

She is now in the care of the Modern clan, who will try to keep up the tradition of pidgin Spanish…her name probably translates to 'Mad the dog' and MAY derive from a similar grammatical error committed by the owners of a Texmex restaurant in East Hampton, Connecticut ( which is about 10 miles from where my son-in-law (Peter Keast) grew up in Middletown, Ct. Isn't life strange?

Yes, when you hear the cry 'Caramba, el Perro Loco!' it will mean you have been passed again on a screaming downwind leg by Nigel and Sam.

Currently Nigel and Sam are trying to look cool on a (frequently) upturned boat at Bartley Sailing Club in Birmingham.

In 2012 we have plans to sail some traveller events and the nationals at Pwllheli

More pictures of Loco at bottom of page (most recent first)

Photos by K & C Ricketts

This is what her previous owners said…

This is what modern UK Cherub sailing is all about: Blasting along, both on the wire, in only 8 knots of breeze. This photo was taken the first time that Ben Brown / Daryl Wilkinson went out with the new Redeye sails (see below) and paint job. It was March 2005. It was cold but it was fast!


[Watch the video here

…and the punk version: [Watch the video here

The Story So Far

Loco Perro (Mad Dog or Dog Mad) was born in Gotham Village over the winter of 2004. She was not the creation of Bruce Wayne but Mike Cooke of Aardvark Technologies who had up until then been building rather nice looking National 12s.

We wanted a fast hull shape that was forgiving to sail with potentially larger sails an twin wires. because there was a bit of uncertainty at the time about which way the class was going, we tried to make her as futureproof as possible i.e. by moving t}}he mast back touch and a couple of other subtle things.

After a few sleepness nights she was launched in primer only at Weymouth at the 2004 nationals a little behind schedule. Over this winter she was painted and gained a suit of nice big redeye sails we also moved the centreboard back by about a foot.

Since then LP has finally been sailed in anger for the first few times and has shown all the right characteristics: fast and forgiving. This I think was proven in race one of the Nationals when we were first round the top mark and first through the finish line. Not a bad result nor bad pace. Although comments were made about our ability to roll tack which was something the Cherub fleet hadn’t seen for a number of years!!

Above are photos of Loco with (on the left) her Fyfe sails and (on the right) the Red Eye main and Evolution jib. Loco's Red Eye mainsail now functions as a 'storm sail', having had area removed from the leach. The Red Eye's shortened foot is clearly visible in these pictures.

NB Thumbnails are misbehaving but the files are still there! Just click on the little blue question marks.


  • Name: Loco Perro
  • Designs: Big Issue (National 12-based design)
  • Builder: Ardvark Racing
  • Construction: Foam Carbon converted to 2005 rules with C-Tec rig and Redeye or Fyfe sails. Loco Perro was the first Cherub to take to the water under 2005 rules and has a hull designed by Phil Morrison based on his Big Issue National 12, lovely looking boat on the water.
  • Location: Bournville

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