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Random image from folder in the frontpage namespace The Cherub is a two-person 12 foot racing dinghy with asymmetric spinnaker and twin trapezes. Just twelve feet long, weighing around 70kgs fully rigged for sailing, the Cherub combines spectacular performance with the “on the edge” handling characteristics only found in true lightweight skiffs.

Originally created in New Zealand by John Spencer in 1951, Cherubs are mainly sailed in Australia and Great Britain, with a growing fleet in France. As well as this, boats can be found as far away as Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, the USA and Portugal.

The Cherub rules are simple and allow for maximum flexibility for designers, allowing boats to be created to incorporate sailor's own ideas. Also meaning the class develops over time as techniques, materials and ideas improve. All this makes the Cherub one of the most interesting and innovative of all dinghies: The challenge extends from the sailing skills to setting up the boat to suit the sailor, and maybe even designing and building, too.

Cherub sailing is the real thing: True planing performance upwind, but then turn the corner and you’re in for the ride of your life…

Latest news

3 is a magic number

As the winter draws in there is a surprisingly large amount of Cherub sailing going on. Both Draycote and Chew are starting to see see 3 boats at a time on the lake. All over the country other pockets of the fleet have taken advantage of the good winds and mild weather, long may this last!

Whilst down South Clive is trying to fly.

Pop to the FORUM forum and say hello - we can probably find you a joy ride…


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