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The Cherub is a two-person 12 foot racing dinghy with asymmetric spinnaker and twin trapezes. Just twelve feet long, weighing around 70kgs fully rigged for sailing, the Cherub combines spectacular performance with the “on the edge” handling characteristics only found in true lightweight skiffs.

The Cherub rules are simple and allow for maximum flexibility for designers, allowing boats to be created to incorporate sailor's own ideas. Also meaning the class develops over time as techniques, materials and ideas improve. All this makes the Cherub one of the most interesting and innovative of all dinghies: The challenge extends from the sailing skills to setting up the boat to suit the sailor, and maybe even designing and building, too.

Latest news

Try a Cherub at Queen Mary SC on Saturday May 28th

If you have wondered what it is like to sail a 12 foot carbon speed machine now is your chance

On Saturday May 28th a number of Cherubs will be at Queen Mary SC, Sunbury and offering rides.

Simply grab your wetsuit and life jacket and turn up. If you have a trapeze harness please bring it.

Sailing will be available from 12pm and is of course weather dependent

It would help organise sailing if you let us know you are coming. Please do that on the Queen Mary thread in the events section of our forum


2016 Open Meeting 2 Sheppy

So, where to begin?

The end would make sense.

Results were this.

With a few teams arriving Friday night, it was off in to town to try and find a friendly chicken shop, unfortunately it had closed. Onwards to the kebab shop. Check on the race course super early, like the rya says we should, we unpacked and got in to sleeping bags when we heard foot steps coming up the stairs, turns out she wasn't a strippergram, but a real police woman!

Day 1:

Wind was on and the waves were up. Many boats chose to go for small sails as the forecast was set to increase. Some of us were quite envious of Greg and Zara in Madge. Eleanor had to retire due to an unplugged bung.

Race 1:

The Peters started and never looked back, Dave Ching and Isaac rounded the top mark and tried to get some speed on then realising they rigged the kite wrong. Robin jones in banshee rounded third but crew, Ellie, decided she'd rather be a trawler woman. The shiny beast rounded fourth to then overtake the upturned banshee. EJ who were late for the start was playing catchup all race but managed to get back to 4th on the final run to the finish.

Race 2:

This saw Dave an Issac sit out the race to re rig the kite ashore leaving Usagi, Elenor and EJ to battle it out. Usagi got a small lead but was kept honest all the way round with EJ and Elenor swapping posting multiply times on the beat only for EJ to break a gooseneck at the top mark to end that battle. It also saw the traditional banshee being sailed off the course by shiny.

Race 3:

saw all but three cherubs ashore, Usagi was pacing the line in the fresher breeze, Little Chilli was darting about and the Shiny Beast was capsized drifting towards the pin end for a quick recover and off. That was the plan. All three boats leaped across the line only for Little Chilis jib clew plate to explode, and the Shiny Beasts starboard tiller to be on the post side wrapped around the main sheet and the trap lines. This left the shiny beast in a war of attrition, after sorting out their problems they did a lap, let Usagi pass them hoping for a shorted course. No hooter, so they gave up.

Saturday night the usual Sheppy entertainment was very good fun with human Hungry hippos being one of the highlights of the night.

Day 2:

Less wind and less waves.

Race 1:

most competitors woke up with the usual headache. Except one. Ej rounded first, with little chilli close behind. Leaving Usagi, banshee, madge and shiny playing catch up. EJ, Chilli and Usagi pulled a gap to the chasing pack in the dyeing breeze with some lead swaps up both the second and third beats as they fought the tide. It ended with Chilli being the right side of a van of breeze to get the win with Usagi second and Ej third.

The remaining races were abandoned due to dyeing breeze and a ripping tide making it hard for the light cherubs to get any forward/upwind gains.

Damage list:

One clew plate

One goose neck.

One T foil

Jamie's stomach.

Event Interviews can be found here.

Photo's Credit to Chas Bradford.


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