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Re: The SK4
« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2008, 10:00:36 PM »
Do you think you will be building any more SK4's?


Yes I'd like to do a production version - see previous posts. To make commercial, I would need to broaden weight range and make stupidly fast, all of which is technically possible. With around 18m^2 sail and 3.2ish beam it would sail upwind in 10kts of wind at 11kts - 12 knots. That's full on foiler speed. Go even quicker in 12kts.

Kevin, I think you should design a 3 wire club racer. Basically a smaller 18 with a retractable pole.  :o

Yes, I think that might be a possible. There is no 2 wire boat (other than the 14 which is expensive and performance limited by ancient rules) that suits heavy blokes. At 180 - 200kg crew, you can get either 3 or 2 in it. Also at 16-17ft, you could make in glass and it would still be pretty fast. The Aussie 16 skiff is getting pretty popular, but it is a bit narrow and the helm has to sit out (which I don't fancy!) But they have kept the cost down. The no 1 rig is only the same size as a 49er rig (but way less flappy). For UK use, you need only 1 rig, about 3m beam.

Perhaps we should have a poll?