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RS800 roasting

Started by andy_peters, July 06, 2009, 12:44:46 PM

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We lined up against an 800 this w/e.  Top of QMSC both of us hoisted together and shot off down the lake.  3/4 of the way down we crossed them by about 100m.  At the bottom we had dropped, sailed a little bit and tacked back up the lake before encountering them still comming down wind.  Cue some mention of handicaps by the 800 sailors ashore  ;D

Now I don't think we would have been so far ahead had it been the Badger Barton on his 8, but then on the flip side we arn't exactly rocket fast in the cherub at the mo.  I'm posting this as I was just amazed at the raw speed these Cherubs have downwind.  Now if we could only keep the flappy bits pointing skywards.......


Binary sailing for the digital age! As you improve your top speed hardly rises - its just the length of time you spend at Mach 10 that increases.

Handicap whingeing is a particularly dreadful brain disease, sadly.

Graham Bridle

You will find this every now and then Andy. I had a similar experience visiting brightlingsea recently when B14's pulled nothing out on a long downlwind leg and we left the 29er (whose handicap there has been docked to 918) a long way behind - fortunately we had a beat against the tide and some particularly incompetant tacking up the creek to slow us up but eyebows were raised and the dreaded H word mentioned in hushed tones, we fled up the A12.

I subscribe to Wills view here, if they want to play with handicaps let them, remember noone throws stones unless they are scared of you !

"Binary sailing for the digital age!" - Will have you got a Cray on board?  might explain a few things !


Well sailed Andy & Jill!  And your even talking Cherub!

Will is right ....a bit more practice...then beat them over a 2 laps+ course...that's the goal....

Presume you have therefore got your T foil and it is working well?

What was the wind?

In my experience the equilibrium downwind between Ronin and an 800 is about 12/13 knots - just as we start to move 2 people onto wire. Less wind we are similar speed and higher angle to maintain it. More wind and we can maintain a similar speed at a lower angle than them (from Weston at Easter). Against the B14 this point is more like 9/10 knots - when we start to single wire off the rack we are 'suddenly' lower and faster (from SN trophy).

I am hoping to do the Round Sheppey race on 5th Sept - just need a babysitter! A RS800 set the world record of 2h59m in 2005......



4th out of 40ish in the Weds evening race last week - no 800's though, so improving from our glorious last place in the first race we did in May.  Light winds and a trapezoid course set at an angle to the wind so consisting of 1 tack and 1 gybe at the lateral points of the diamond were key.  The musto skiffs were faster upwind and also faster downwind when not planning.  As soon as we got a puff downwind we would be almost double the musto's speed as the puffs were invariably not strong enough to get them fully on the plane.  Still can't get by the top 400's in the lighter winds, but then no one else can either as they were 1,2,3.

T-foil, well it is attached is about as far as it goes.  Still have to make the adjustment so it is either on or off at the moment.  Jill has just started carrying the GPS for speed measuring, we are probably off sailing later today as it is a windy evening at QMSC.  Providing we don't spend extended periods scaring the fish I'll let you know what sort of speed we max with.


Not a roasting, but the map attached shows the drag race between BS and a musto this weekend. 1.8km in next to no time.
Musto was a little suprised, we started behind him - pointed higher overtook and then bore away pointing lower and going faster.
The X's show where both of us hit the mud bank at about the same time (1.7km later)...