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Somethng not quite right

Started by Phil Alderson, April 06, 2009, 06:06:31 PM

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Phil Alderson

Depending on how you look at it there is something on this boat that should not be there, or there could be something missing, can you guess what it is? Hint, It is not a Cherub
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The list of things missing sems quite long to me.
Shroud fitting if needed mast step if it is a sailing boat.
Not sure it had a case or bungs or control lines.
Looks good though just needs finishing.
What is it?


"Hmmmmm", said Holmes tapping his disgustingly smelly pipe absently against the heel of his expertly polished brogues, scattering ash over carpet, trousers, brogues, and my open pocket-book, into which I was trying to record the details of our most recent escapade.

"Your problem is that you are looking for a title for your trifling notes about my accomplishments which you like to share with your ninnyhead friends."

"Steady on, old chap", I interjected, "if it wasn't for the ninnyheads, you wouldn't be famous across the land as That Thin Bloke With A Pipe. And you would have many fewer pounds, shillings and pence to spend on opium and tobacco."

The seriousness of the message seemed to grip the great man, and his attention came upon me like a great searchlight, of 10 or even 15 candlepower.

"The case we have just solved - and in a short time too - was a case about a missing case, was it not, Watson?" I concurred, and gesticulated that Holmes was to go on.

"And your complaint is that calling an episode, 'The case of the missing case' would make us seem like a pair of homonymisers, do I have it corrently in my mind?" I assented again, hoping that the spring sunshine outside shoudl not be wasted, and that a solution to our difficulty was soon to be with us.

"So is there any difficulty with the name being....... simply put....... quite snappy I think....... how about......'THE CASE'?"

Of course I recognised the genius of the plan immediately, wrote it in my pocket book and sent the whole bally lot around to the publishers immediately. What joy to be near so giant an intellect!


Will, you're nuts but I love it! I'm sure I can just about see the top of the case in the picture from the transom.

What worrys me is the complete lack of any evidence that there has ever been a mast on this boat, no step or shroud points. But could this be explained by the foredeck being recently replaced? It certainly looks to be newer wood. And there doesn't seem to be any structure for supporting the mast from underneath. But could the hole in the bulkhead have been cut out to finish the inside of the nice new foredeck?

Tis a mystery!

Phil Alderson

There is definitely a case, and I think Stu is on it, can anyone identify the type of boat yet?
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my initial guess had been a 505 but it doesn't seem to be long enough.  does the foredeck need a hole cutting in it for the amst to drop into? sort of like a streaker?  i would imagine it will look very pretty with a bit of varnish on it.


Quote from: Matt Harris on April 07, 2009, 05:34:47 PM
does the foredeck need a hole cutting in it for the amst to drop into? sort of like a streaker? 

sorry wrote this before looking at the second set of photos, guessing an old finn?


Tis I said the blonde one I think I can see whats wrong cleary I could be wrong but then I could be right.

as in the house of commons the I's have it.

clearly a literacy problem as "something" is missing its I
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This may well be the first time that this has ever happened, but I agree with Mr Wilkinson... I reckon that's a Europe or a Moth of that sort of vintage anyway.  Presumably there's a hole in the foredeck to come for the mast.


Whatever it is there appears to be a very nice prestressed structural reinforcement added along the on the inside and across at the rear (or was that original).
Is the missing I a clue?

Phil Alderson

Those who guessed a Europe are correct, it has a GRP hull and wooden decks. The foredeck was badly damaged by water and I think by the mast falling down at some point. The top layer of ply was removed, the damage repaired and a new veneer glued in place.

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Quote from: JimC on April 07, 2009, 10:03:18 PM
This may well be the first time that this has ever happened, but I agree with Mr Wilkinson... I reckon that's a Europe

I've come over all strange myself, Jim  ;D ;D ;D

BTW I'm sure we have agreed on a least something in the past?! ;)