Author Topic: Cherub/I14 Madge clearout -- CHEAP!!  (Read 452 times)

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Cherub/I14 Madge clearout -- CHEAP!!
« on: November 11, 2018, 01:42:14 PM »
Hi guys

Coming to terms that Im just not going to be building/rebuilding madge any time soon and this stuff needs to be cleared out and moved on.

Basically the long and the sort of it is I need the space and someone who is sailing needs these parts, there is enough here to build a 05 rules boat or rebuild/retromod a 97's boat.

There are a selection of pictures in this link and I shall try to add to that as I can.

Here is a list of whats on offer there likely is more too but Ill list up as I uncover.


She needs some work most of the floor is in place so the edges need to be sorted a fordeck jib track(have mould for this) and side tanks need sorting out.
The upside down pictures show her current state. There is a complete 97 boat with everything you need to win the 97rules trophy listed here or build a stable solid first 05's boat

97 Bistro cover only useful as a template
i14 cover needs a horizontal section taken out in the bow (where there happens to be burn hole) and the middle which would make it a perfect fit. - bow stern mast and shroud positions are perfect - £50
Rs200 undercover great fit on madge. - £50

Combi trailer £300
Good galvanised combi trailer had new wheels and bearings two years ago hasnt been too too many events but moved regularly and mostly dry stored. think its a 220 launching trolley

Carbon/resin etc - make offer
a couple rolls of 3k carbon 200g and 300g likely is about 5meters of each on the roll
maybe 5meters of UD carbon will have to look up spec.
A load of peel ply
at least 4kg of epoxy plus fast and slow hardener
500g tub of glass bubbles ive used some but there is more
Fumed silica 225g never used
A load of foam sheets cant remember the density but its was the right sort for floors etc
2x 2.5meter carbon tubes for racks
1x oval tube lengths in photo - there are 2 more of these bonded to madge

T- foil - from RWM was built for his i14 long and narrow - at around 127cm and only 18mm chord - used the same mech as a moth.needs some work as the hinge is a little stiff - £50
Deamon t-foil but without the T part - so just a straight blade - i have a stock for this that fitted madge - not sure what its worth
Bloodaxe - dagger board - madges dagger board is a beast has padded cover - £50

Hull padding
Various rolls of orthopaedic foam in 2 and 3mm Jay and others have used to great success and worked well on madge

Fittings rope and rigging
Best to look at the pictures - there is an entire boat of rigging plus spares should be just about enough to rig a 05 boat to modern spec
also is a RS800 pair of trap lines complete. - £100? - offers
Carbon Mast - seen about plenty of times in the last 4-5 years thanks to Nick and myself - well tested and ready to abuse.  - 05s ready - £100
Carbon boom - solid used by Jimmy in the 2017 nationals and on madge for various events. - 05s ready - can include with mast
Carbon Kite pole, built off the class mandril and soild looks good too - Its a Roland Pole - 05s ready - £100

Sails Etc
Hyde Main and Jib 97 spec - well used but work great -£50
North 97 Kite (blue)- very good condition - has had professional repairs but very good still. £100
Here come the RWM parts - they will need adjustments by anyone who can use a sewing machine but are very cheap and very well made.
RWM kite (yellow)- i14 kite but 400mm short so should be marginally too big for most 05's - never used! £100
RWM Jib there are 3 jibs one unsed 2 used all are around 6msq so too big for 05's - start of 2017 season (i think) Nick used one on GB to good effect cut down to square top some taken off the leach £50
RWM main -i14 - brand new never used just measured  - 2014 sail - bomb proof needs batterns -  likely easiest to take some off the foot to get it down to 05's its 11sqm currently £50

Ideally who can take the most off my hands will get the best deal but feel free to drop me a line and discuss options Im pretty reasonable about this stuff and just want you guys to have first dibs before I let the wider world have a look.

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Re: Cherub/I14 Madge clearout -- CHEAP!!
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2019, 01:07:56 PM »
Added prices, have a way to deliver both Uk and EU

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Re: Cherub/I14 Madge clearout -- CHEAP!!
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2019, 03:04:46 PM »
Is mast still for sale?

If so, where are you based?