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Tame? Cherub

Started by richiepeel, January 18, 2015, 11:09:33 PM

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Built one owned another. 61 years old. want another sensible Cherub. Very silly web site. Maybe get a life?

Neil C.

Hello Richie,

Great to hear from you. Can you tell us a bit more about the boats you have had in the past, particularly the one you built?


See advert fo wreck n effect,give me a call.


Hi! Actually sailed Cats, Condor, Tornado, Hurricane. Was Reg and Rob White's agent in Ireland. I always loved the Cherub. I built, very badly, a Forman 4b and later purchased a 2nd hand 4c. I didn't sail for many years owing to business and health failure, but started again a few years back with an E Boat. I think I have just sold her and having never grown up, looking at Cherub again!