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Cherub at Grafham?

Started by Steve_scott, March 31, 2014, 02:40:23 PM

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Hi all,

Just heard through the grape vine that a Cherub may have been knocking about at Grafham over the weekend.... and I missed you!  Is there another boat in the area or was it a passing visit?



That will have been me, yes, just sorted my membership out on saturday and it will be my home club :)


Hurrah!!!!  My boat (koko) is currently unsailable due to mast damage but should be sorted soon now that the weather is getting better.  What boat have you got?  Let me know if you're ever short a crew as I'm still trying to train novices in Koko and it seems to put them off sailing!



I've got banshee ambulance at the moment, yes I should be alright for the moment crew wise, but I'll give you a shout if I need a helm/ crew