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Draycote Blast?

Started by RobinJones, March 05, 2014, 09:56:37 PM

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The loco images are me  8) 
I have the full res ones Nigel I'll try and email them later.

While you are away is Sam up for some events in Loco - can find him a crew/helm


Just seen this after I PM'd you...

Sam - maybe but you'll have to get past Gill as he has exams

Loco currently needs a T terminal but I have checked sails etc and everything is OK:

I don't think I am going to have time before going to US next week to sort getting a terminal but Loco will be at the Hamiltons in Neen Sollars. Gear will be here or in Nicola's garage, depending on what we plan.

Double stacker is available...Loco could be loaned to an experienced helm eg Jamie but I won't have much time to sort out any re-rigging, sorting out before the Nationals, so I would need to know someone would restore any significant issues which arose while I am in US. Apart from the T terminal she is fully sorted but I plan to replace trap lines (or at least their attachment lanyards, though they pass visual inspection) and fit the final foil adjustment parts during June. I have removed the internal Progrip ie where you step in to (it was falling off) but this doesn't really create too many problems and I may not replace it until the re-paint next winter.

T foil neutral position needs backing off by moving a single knot slightly as at Rutland there was a slight tendency to nose dive. Backing off the twist grip adjustment might be enough.

I am away 3rd April - 22nd May and again most of July. Sam has a heavy dive training programme booked in June as he's progressing towards Divemaster and June for me is supporting Sam in this and getting the new foil laminated.
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I now own banshee ambulance aka my precious! First sail tomorrow

ade white

EXCELLENT. A big welcome to the best fleet in the world. Hope tomorrow goes well, where are you based? Let us know how it goes.
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so 2 hobbits now own 'my precious' in the shire.

got a few boats knocking around the midlands now!


Robin and I will be sailing at grafham, not bad membership for under 25s, something like 130 for the year


Inlands at Grafham next year? might be a bit warmer than Rutland...
Previously 2685 'Loco Perro' and 2345 'Tachyon'


If its colder we will need to fit ice skates instead of t-foils.

Welcome to Cherubs.  Grafham I believe is in middle earth not the midlands.

I think you will need to fit hiking boat style transom flaps to your new steed to stop it flooding when tacking.  My memory is the floor is quite low.


yes, I sailed banshee aka my precious yesterday, did the first race and I think I may have won, with my neck that I injured on Friday so was a bit painful, so I did some spinnaker halyard bungee fitting and did a system that should stop the spi sheets dragging when the kite is down,  but yes, I will see if I can make something that stops the water from flooding in quite so quickly, maybe some little flaps on the racks perhaps that act like a non return valve? some potential ideas, but it would be helpful if someone else has already done it


Congrats on joining the fleet. Come along to Sheppey if you can, as sailing against other cherubs is really useful when starting out.

P.s you won't have to sleep in the car for this one;)