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Looking to get into the cherub class

Started by Steve_scott, June 16, 2013, 09:26:49 AM

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Hi all,

I've been off the water for a few years but keen to get back out there in something other than the usual laser/topper/RS offerings.  I've mostly sailed laser 3000's, Buzz's, had an ISO for a while and then my regular crew moved jobs and I never got much water time after that.

Anyway... The cherub class caught my eye so here I am asking where is the best place to start?  Are there any boats/crews in the Cambs/Herts(Grafham maybe) that I could have a nose at and chat with the owners?  Also, does anyone know of any decent boats coming up for sale anytime soon as the for sale list is looking a bit sparse.  I'd love to build my own some day but I'd also like to sail this summer!

Thanks in advance for any help


Excellent Steve,

When Born Slippy gets back from Babbacombe he's your man. I hear there are boats becoming available and I'm sure there'll be opportunities to get out in one.

We may be organising another Midlands 'mini-blast' (= gathering of Cherubs) before too long, which will either be at Carsington or Draycote. Draycote shouldn't be too far from you so watch the forum and I'll be able PM you since you're registered on the forum.

Not sure if there are any Cherubs at Grafham - others may know,

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Graham Bridle

Hi Steve, glad we caught your eye.

Tell us a little more about your size and who might crew, Cherubs come in three guises, classic, 97 and 05 rules so the first thing we need to sort out is which is for you, if you'd like to know more about each please PM or phone me from the contact page.

To my knowledge sadly there are none at Grafham, although you might find Bill Deeley there, an old Cherub legend !


ade white

Hi steve, if you are midlands based check out the MIDLANDS POSSE thread. i have 2 cherubs, kokopelli and sweet dreamzzz (1 for sale). Also at Draycote there is a Pasta that has been sitting there and not moved for some length of time. Others will have more info than me.
Torchy and I are the most local, 'Blonde', a bit more north Liverpool way and Norfolk-'currently-still-in-the-shed' is matlock way.
PM if you want to arrange anything.   
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Many new memebrs start off their cherubing life with a 97 rules boat.  The smaller rig and single wire make it a bit easier to handle.  These boats are also good value for money second hand.  Depending on the previous owner they may need a bit of tidying up but this is a great way of practising some boat building skills in a small way.  Don't worry if you have never tried in the past there is a lot of experience in the class and we are willing to help you.  If you and your crew are over about 140kg you may find the 97 rules boats a little slow in light winds.

If you are an experinced trapeeze helm and have an athletic crew (size dosn't matter) an 05 rules boat will give you more grins.  They can carry  160Kg+ and remain competitive.


Wow... Thanks for all the input both on here and via email; I've definitely stumbled upon the friendliest class!

I suspect I want an 05 rules boat but need a 97 to get me moving and back out onto the water before the summer is out.  I should also be realistic that I don't have a fixed crew yet so it will mostly be used for fun sailing with mates who have limited experience... Maybe 05 might be too crazy?  That said, typical crew weight will be about 140-150kg.  I guess one option is a 97 rules boat to see me through the summer and a winter build of a 05 rig... Maybe I'm dreaming now!

I will try to get around to responding to everyone who has kindly emailed me with offers of help; its just been manic at work for the past few days since I got back from holiday.


Steve - '05 boats are fine single-wired at first, particularly downwind and once you're 'set' the difference between them and a '97 is just a matter of degree, not kind. '97 are just amazing value if you can get hold of one. For temporary 'fun' you couldn't go wrong with one of the other boats which are available eg Egbert or Kokopelli. If I had enough indoor storage I'd have one of them just for that.

With '97 or '05 what you will probably find compared to other boats you've sailed is there'll be a learning curve and you'll get wet a lot at first. The trick with the '05 big kite we found was that, in anything of a breeze, as soon as it fills someone needs to be out on the wire in an instant and stay there!!...and grin - it'll quickly become automatic (the grin and the technique)

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Hi all - Kokopelli is now sitting at Grafham and looking forward to getting more use!  Whilst I still long for a faster boat, she's perfect for teaching my very novice crew in and entertaining enough for now!  I'm fairly sure she's the only Cherub at Grafham and I've already had the Coxswain walking over saying "not seen a Cherub in ages... mind if I have a little look..." 

Anyway... where is the best place to go for Cherub insurance?  I've been quoted ~£120 from Nobal Marine but I wonder if their new for old cover will actually be any use on an older boat or if I'm better off just insuring her 3rd party? 


You probably know Newton Crum don't insure Cherubs.

I'm with Bishop Skinner - I guess as agents because the policy letter is headed 'Bluefin'

£120 sounds a bit steep for Kokopelli....lovely boat but not a lot of capital in there.
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Graham Bridle

I can second a vote for Bishop Skinner, reasonable and responsive, make sure you tell them its not a full on cherub with carbon everything, as they maybe lumping policy prices to suit the high end claims.

Theres a trend for insuring boats only 3rd part these days, saves a lot if you think you probably wont claim


Quote from: Steve_scott on August 20, 2013, 08:05:13 AM
sitting at Grafham
Hi Steve - are the rumours of you heading to BCSC for a play sweet dreams or correct?


Thanks, any contact details at Netley?
Good luck for Nationals


Hi all

Sorry for the lack of contact recently; I ended up loosing my phone and for some reason I wasn't seeing updates coming up on here...

Koko has now been out on Grafham a few times and she's certainly getting a lot of attention.  However, I ended up getting towed in on Sunday after bending the lower rudder pin during a capsize.  Tried to sail her in without the rudder and made some headway but balancing the main off against the jib is a nightmare, especially in gusty conditions... Shes a twitchy little boat!

Hopefully I'll make my way through the snagging list soon enough and after a re-rig and kite sock to tidy her up, she'll be out racing on whatever modified handicap Grafham come up with...  Regarding the kite sock, the current kite only has a single downhaul point and I'd like to add an eye to bunch it up rather than have the sock coming back to the stern.  Is it possible to add an eye on a kite and if so, who can do it?