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"D" rings

Started by daryl_wilkinson, May 13, 2008, 05:53:11 PM

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"D" rings, can't find any anywhere. anyone got a source.


if you are thinking about the stainless steel type I think that the Welsh Harp Boat centre in north london stock them
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Is it for forestay or shrouds fittings ?

I used the attached one you can find on LDC under Ref: P508-477-01

I glued them on faire racks with structural epoxy then layered UD over it. It is very efficient.

Phil Alderson

There are loads of D rings in Largs Chandler's, although that is not a huge help.

If you can find them the triangular ones are better as they do not deform under load.
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Thanx. Yep I'm looking for stainless 'D' rings with no deck / mast plate. I will ring the Welsh Harp. Although in my experience they can be a bit vague so I'll probably end up the mast variety if I order by post, which i don't want. Bit to far for a trip just for D rings. I'm getting my fittings through my sailing club chandler, which is a very small concern. But I like to keep business local. And he couldn't find any through his catalogues.


Several in this catalogue:

P15 of the pdf and P45 of the catalogue, of which the pdf is the second part.



Tip top. Thanx for that.