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Another one looking for a '97 rules Cherub

Started by flatbackcaper, May 11, 2013, 05:00:34 PM

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Are there any 97 rules boats for sale at the minute hope to get back into dinghies again.I a ex 12 sailor on the portly side.Iwill try and make it to the championships for aday to look around as I am in south devon.
Cheers Flatbackcaper


Hello and welcome. By 12 do you mean N12 or a 12ft skiff. From either direction you would be 100% at home. I'll email you an update on '97 rules boats when I next get a chance to sit down with the list. Would you fancy doing the nationals in a borrowed boat, there are a few available for the event.

I think  someone techi will come along shortly and make your hello a thread all of it's own.


Welcome to the forum, it would be great to see you at Babbacombe. Born Slippy is the man to locate you a suitable craft, I'm sure we organise you a sail at some mutually convenient point if you wish.


cheers it was N12's be good to get a up todate boat list. Could be fun to borrow a boat for sunday monday of champs cannot get any leave in august.
Cheers Andy



Yes I think we can find you a craft for this. I'll PM you and see what we can arrange.

For others reading these threads - say hello. There are still some spaces from  owners who are happy to lend their boats to suitable crews - there are even a couple of '05 rules boats that have kindly been made available by people unable to make it this year.

Best wishes,


 Hi just a passing thought while recuperating from hand surgery are there any cherubs down in Plymouth at the moment that could meet up with to view boats and chat about life the world and everything.
Cheers 3 fingered Flatbackcaper


I can confirm there was one sailing at Chew today and we are toying with Poppy at Teignmouth next Saturday. Not really west enough?

There are 2 more '97 boats heading towards the market. I'll PM you on Monday.


 Hi Born Slippy
Should be able to meet up in Teignmouth on saturday are you playing in the estuary or on the see.
Cheers Flatbackcaper