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Looking for something to get me started

Started by KSAMarc, April 07, 2013, 06:17:50 PM

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Like Lost Heart I am also looking for a similar spec Cherub although happy to twin wire. As it happens when back in the UK we are just across the water in Stutton Suffolk. As the boat will need to live outdoors in the boat park at Alton Water a beautiful piece of wood will not work unless firmly encased in epoxy.
If anyone has a reasonably simple and together boat I can sail with my son to give him some variety from 9er sailing it would be appreciated.
I am looking to sail rather than potter in the boat park ( even if the latter can be quite therapeutic!)

Many thanks

Graham Bridle

Hi Marc, and welcome to the forum.

You will have gleaned that 2nd hand boats are a little hard to come by at the moment, I'm sure born_slippy (Roland) will be along soon to help - he's the expert at finding boats for people - in the meantime, by far your best bet to offer 29er variety would be Ronin, a fully sorted 05 rules boat, that would offer twin wire action.

I'm in Brightlingsea a lot of the time, and as you say LostHeart (Andy) is in Harwich, If you'd like to talk or have a ride contact me via the committee pages and we'll sort something out.



Thanks for your advice. Ronin looks a bit of a handful for a starter boat and I was hoping to get away with just a little less money wise if possible.

Will try to hook up for a ride when I am back next.

Best regards


If anyone knows of anything else vaguely suitable please do post a reply.

The boy has been looking up the rules and making noises about wanting to build one - have suggested we sail a second hand one first and then work out what we want to do but that has not stopped him poring over carbon fibre sheet etc

All the best

Graham Bridle

How Old is he Marc ? And what sort of weight/experience do the pair of you have ?


Possibles that are twin wire but less beastly than Ronin:

- Cheese - no longer on the for sale list, possibly sold??
- Therapy - G knows the boat well, Roland may have spoke to the owners, last seen at Burghfield


The Boy is 65kg and I am 75kg.

There is also a girl about the same weight who might want to come out as well. Similar experience to the Boy but submerged in A/S exams for now.

He started Oppies at 5 with some Nationals and then worked up to 29ers via Fevas.

I sailed laser 1's then had a Vago XD for a change which i hoped to sail with the children but they were too busy in Oppies so I single handed although I did find 3 sail wiring on a reach a bit of a handful.

Local sailing is on Alton Water so needs to be fairly prompt round the corners and back into the groove swiftly or you are 1/2 way to the next corner.

Hope this helps

Best regards


On a more restricted piece of water you might be better with a 97 rules single wire boat. The corners and close quarter handling really are significantly easier. And they're much better suited to "around-the-cans" racing, where the bigger rig boats are best on a windward/leeward course.

The 97 rules section of the class is undergoing somewhat of a revival at the moment. The racing was red hot at last years nationals and I'm expecting more-so this year. Good 97 rules boats are in short supply, but if you're keen we might be able to find something for you.

lost heart


I am planning to make a couple of day sail visits to Alton Water to introduce my children to the new arrival in the family.  You will be more than welcome to take Little Fluffy Clouds for a spin if we can link up.  To confirm she is modified to '97 rules and is a Bistro design.

If you want to nip over to Harwich and have a look over her to get an idea what you might expect from this specification boat you are more than welcome.


You are most kind. My son sails at Alton 3 times a week so if you are going over let me know by email and we can try to make the intros. I am not back until August but would be good to get some direction before then if we are doing the Nationals.( did I really just say that?) Either way will doubtless want to take you up on your kind offer.

Best regards


Quote from: KSAMarc on April 17, 2013, 09:29:55 PM
I am not back until August but would be good to get some direction before then if we are doing the Nationals.( did I really just say that?)

Yes you did. And i like your style  8)


I suppose there is no use claiming , as Shaggy did so eloquently in song, that: "it wasen't me". Therefore I guess we had better get it done!

Making friends with the Rescue Boat drivers beforehand is probably a good tactical move......


Looks likely that there will be a Cherub on Alton Water come August so if anyone is interested in showing us how it is done we would welcome the work out prior to the Nationals later in the month.


Mr Wentworth just told me to come in here and say that there was trouble at the mill, that's all?



btw One on't cross beams gone owt askew on treddle.
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