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Different rules 91, 97,05 explained please

Started by Stokesy, March 17, 2013, 12:28:21 PM

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Looking at coming back to sailing been out for a while, used to sail moths,
I would like to get a Cherub, but not sure about the which rules to go for, i am getting on a bit so probably won't go for a 05 rules.
also my budget is quite tight sub Ã,£1k


Hello Stokesy and welcome.
The difference between the boats are some changes in the rules allowing more sail area.
91 and 97 boats are single wire and the '05s are twin wired with more sail area.

Currently there are a few options for the single wire boats that have not made it as far as the for sale page, when we get back to normal after open this weekend I'll update the for sale list.

Andrew Whapshott

This Way Up is a good 97 rules, needs a little work but if your are interested in a boat she is for sale for just  Ã,£600!!

ade white

kokopelli is a wooden 91 boat number 2622. fab ab condition. has a double floor and draining cockpit. all epoxied. assymetric kite (RS 400 size) all in excellent condition. road combi, all the bits. i have 2 cherubs and can only 1. i will only sail kokopelli once this year if i dont sell her and that will be at a classic event. it seems a shame not to use her. A fab intro into cherubs as an updated forman 8 design. Super for getting sproggs into the class as well. My other boat,  called sweet dreamzzz. 2663. was built around 1995 and is now on 05 rules... but the difference is staggering from the new boats. i will post updated pics soon but born slippery's your man for all the facts! koko is up for Ã,£750 if you want a lovely piece of wood.
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Neil C.

91 Rules: 50kg minimum hull weight (this, and the 3.7m maximum loa has never changed), max beam 1.5m, single trapeze, white sails 11sq.m and 12.5 sq m assymetric kite. This combination seemed fast and exciting at the time, but is now a bit tame by today's standards.

97 Rules: we upped the sail area to 12.5 sq.m white sails and 15sq.m kite, accompanied by an increase in max beam to 1.8m and a small reduction in the distance between the chines i.e. the hull got a little narrower below the waterline.   

05 Rules: the hull rules didn't change at all (although the shapes have continued to evolve over time within the rule set), but the sail area went up to 15.5sq.m white sails and 21sq.m kite, accompanied by a change to twin trapezes to keep it upright - well some of the time anyway. T-foil rudders have always been technically legal, but didn't come in to use until around 2005. Some 97 boats have been upgraded to running a T-foil, but not all by any means.   

ade white

Ref: Kokopelli, I have attached some pics...
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