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Cherub restoration project NewZealand

Started by marko, September 07, 2012, 09:16:05 PM

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Hi from New Zealand, I'm looking for some sails for my cherub # 1996. I realize that the rules have changed the dimensions a little , but will doctor them to suit. I'm altering the boat also by installling a bowspit too. I have a friend in the UK at the moment who could bring them back for me.really. , I'm wanting the sails for authenticity sake, and wanted them to at least come off another churub.


ps, i put this in the tech talk part of the forum too, by mistake


Please send a picture!

Can you fill us in about Cherubs in New Zealand too please - we have lost touch.

If you send details of luff length of the main for the mats you've got I guess we may be able to sort something out.


Keep an eye out on trademe and give Ken Fyfe ( a call as he might be able to give you a lead on secondhand sails.

Neil C.

Is there still a Cherub fleet in NZ these days Mark? I met some friendly Kiwis at the Cherub Worlds in the mid-90's (Botany Bay, Sydney), including a great guy that everybody knew as "The Iceman" who seemed to be the leader of the NZ fleet. I got the impression that they were a small but high quality fleet in those days, but haven't heard much about them since then. Hope they haven't completely fallen by the wayside.