Richard Taylor

I've been sailing Cherubs on and of since 1982, my first boat being a Webb Mk1 2333. I returned to the class with 2655 one of the last Italian Bistro's and then 2664 a modified Pasta Frenzy.

Well, since 82 and the pole kite days I've really enjoyed the challenge of sailing a small over canvassed dinghy and the ability of the Cherub to punch above its weight off-wind is really a bonus.

The arrival of the modern rigs has made a huge difference and the performance of a modern boat 3 sails up in strong wind is truely astonishing. You think to your self that this really must be terminal velocity, then you crest the next wave and it's off like a super-sonic greased weezely thing.

Sailing this class of boat is the second best fun you'll ever have in a rubber suit.

Is the class president talking to me in his professional capacity?

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