UK Cherub National Championship at Mumbles Yacht Club 2022

A tale to last the ages of mighty winds, wild waves and some pretty little Cherubs.

Day 1

Started with a forecast of 12 knots and calm waters. Little did they know what was to meet those plucky Cherubs. Race 1 started with 20 knots and lumpy waves. This would build over the next three days. Oh do I need to mention the rain? That's enough of the weather report, on to race 1.

Race 1 - EJ and Eleanor spent the first lap trading places, while Marmite and Usagi recovered from bad starts. Marmite finally went on to win while the others fought it out for second. Eleanor managed to knot a halyard on the last hoist gifting a close fought second to EJ with Usagi in third.

Race 2 - A & E stopped wobbling long enough to claim her first victory of the week. Eleanor ran out of excuses to gain 2nd. Behind, Usagi held off the rapid Ducks for 3rd.

Day 2

Race 3 - EJ took an early lead but was soon overtaken by the close duelling A & E won out from Marmite and EJ came in a close third.

Race 4 - A & E were locked in such an intense battle with Marmite that Dan's Boat slipped through unnoticed for the win from A & E and Marmite.

Race 5 - A & E stretched out an early lead to be convincing winners. Marmite second and Eleanor held on for third.

Race 6 - Your intrepid reporter decided that starting a fourth race in the fifth hour of sailing wasn't as inviting as ice cream. It was good ice cream. A & E won from Marmite and Ducks Third. If you feel this kind of reporting isn't good enough then I suggest you try and come to the events. Trust me, if you don't, you are missing out on much more than results.

Day 3

The class took advantage of the local tourist spots, as the wind increased and waiting for the slower fleet to finish for an hour. After 40 min races felt less appealing.

Day 4

Lighter winds at last, with a mild 10 to 18 knots and with flatter, almost soothing waves.

Race 10 - A & E bolted off again, while the battle between Marmite, Usagi and Eleanor carried on as before. Usagi came out on top with Marmite leading Eleanor across the line.

Race 11 - It was much the same, but this time Eleanor led the chasing pack after another epic battle with Marmite and Usagi. Yet again only seconds between them.

Race 12 - A & E bored of winning, went in for the famous ice-cream. This left first up for grabs. Dan's boat took advantage of a great start to lead Eleanor around the course, followed by Marmite. So much happened at this event I could write a book. I didn't even mention the “Captain's hat” or the “If not duffers will not drown” incidents. If you want the full Cherub experience you could use the class Cherub at an event, or jump straight in and buy new from £12k (class assisted) to £15k fully professional. Special mention this year goes to Poppy's crew, who after showing great speed all year, caught Covid the night before. Better luck next time.

Overall Results:

Pos Boat name Sail No Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R10 R11 R12 Pts Net Pts
1st A&E 3215 Jonny O'Connor Alex Harris Dee Sailing Club (5) 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 (DNC) 357
2nd Marmite 3212 Paul Croote Andy Whapshott Chew Valley Sailing Club 1 (DNC) 2 3 2 2 3 (4) 3 4216
3rd Eleanor 3208 Dave Ching Oliver Goolden Poole Yacht Club 4 2 (DNC) (DNC) 3 DNC 4 2 2 6143
4th Usagi Yojimbo 3202 Andrew Peters Jill Peters Queen Mary Sailing Club 3 3 4 4 (DNC) (DNC) 2 3 DNC 6345
5th Duck wars 3209 Guy Rivington Joseph White Mount Batten Centre (DNC) 4 (RET) DNC 4 3 6 8 4 7355
6th Dan's Boat 2700 Luke Hartley Oliver Morrell Stokes Bay Sailing Club (DNC) (DNC) 5 1 RET DNC DNC 7 1 8062
7th EJ 3206 James Ruddiman Chris Haslam Stokes Bay Sailing Club 2 (DNC) 3 (DNC) DNC DNC 5 6 DNC 8264
8th Poppy 3216 Jamie Pearson George Bender Grafham Water Sailing Club (DNC) (DNC) 6 DNC DNC DNC 7 5 DNC 9577
9th Rossa 3219 Roland Trim Kevin Robert Jausseran Monaco Yacht Club / Club de voile de Roq (DNC) (DNC) DNF DNC DNC DNC 8 9 5 9981
10th Slippery When Wet 2657 Nick Hankins Sophie Hankins Cardiff Bay Yacht Club (DNC) (DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 11092
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