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Get Your Heart Racing

Bala Whit Regatta

The Cherubists started the Bala event as they intended it to continue with warm up drinks in The Nags Head, Rossett, the second home of Stu Hopson. Visiting him this evening were Tim Noyce and Stu Tinner, and everyone enjoyed the very well kept local ale “Spitting Feathers”. After extensive research, the conclusion was that we could all endorse this fine ale.

The early birds were treated to a super breakfast, sponsored by Mrs Hopson, before hitting the 'long and winding road' to Bala. Three Cherubs were in attendence, namely Atum Bom, Badgers Nadgers, and Pocket Rocket. A fairly social first race started at 1pm from the far end of the lake. The course was windward/leeward - ish. The wind was minimal, and fickle in typical inland fashion. Atum Bom made the start, and enjoyed a friendly tussle with a local I14, and a couple of RS400's and 200's. Pocket Rocket crossed the line about five minutes late and then proceeded to aim to catch the back end trailing Vareos.

A brief stop for lunch, then quicly back onto the water. This time all three Cherubs were on time for the start. Pocket Rocket went left, Badgers went right, and Atum Bom straight down the middle. A- Bizzle rounded first, closely followed by Pocket Rocket, and then Badgers. Atum held their lead to the bottom of the hill, but frustratingly Badgers managed to just pip Pocket Rocket, who had kite troubles and were forced to retire.

The evening entertainment began with a Welsh curry (slightly hotter than average). Then the intrepid Cherubists headed back to England to sample the delights of Chester. Things kicked off with a couple of rounds of Double Vodka and Red Bull. Then we hit the Igloos (double Gin, lime vodka, topped up with tonic). The Stus ensured the queen was safe, and Tim followed suit. Then it was Sea Breezes (not got a clue what was in these). Then off to Rosies bar. Everything for here on is a bit vague…

For those of us silly enough to spend all night in Chester, Sunday morning arrived far too quickly. With fuzzy heads we missed the first start of the day, which someone had stupidly arranged for 10 o'clock in the morning. Pocket Rocket had a Mach 3 blast down hill, before wipeing out and snapping a spreader. Atum Bom and Badgers spent the rest of the day enjoying long range speed runs up and down the beautiful 5mile lake.

A fantastic weekend was had by all. Many thanks to the Hopsons for looking after us, and to Bala for putting on a fantastic event. We are sure to head back to this part of the world to try and find the dignity we lost somewhere in Chester, and apparently there's a long distance race too.

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