UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

Draycote Mini Blast

Friday - The Day Before

Ben, Noycey, and Stuberry turned up a day early to get masts erected, kites rigged, boats tuned etc. No chance of going on the water because Draycote SC was having a small child. Tried on the new '05 rules sail. Lookin' sweet! Now just need a long enough boom!

Tents also rigged in the country park. Into Dunchurch for Dinner. Eating establishments seemed uber-expensive, so we blessed the chippy with our presence. Haddock was good, but chips and battered sausage were crap. They don't like you sitting down or asking for knives either!

then to the Dun Cow for some erious drinking! Pint of 'Old Hookey' tasted like wee. Met Iain C, and Mr and Mrs Simon Roberts (Cherub legend). Moved onto Bass Ale on Iain's suggestion, that's the badger.

Then back to the tent. Bloody cold, bloody uncomfortable, and a bloody storm. Could quite comfortably describe it as the worst night of my life!

Saturday - Chains broken, dogs everywhere

Wow, to say it was windy is an understatement. 38mph winds were recorded. And it was bloody freezing. Ben and I took the Strawb (Italian Bistro Mod. 2649) out. We were going well until I went to hook on, and realised I wasn't wearing a harness. So came back to sure to get properly dressed. But then realised discretion would be the better part of valour, and brought the boat back onto land before something broke!

Mach 10 was reached by Will Lee and Rhys (New Zealand R-Class sailor), aboard Rich Taylor's Spanish Inquisition (Pasta Frenzy mod.). Loved the wheelie guys! Officially send it! Stuberry and Dave Ching went rampant in Norwegian Blue (Italian Bistro Mod. 2637). Water skiing was witnessed on not one, but two occasions. The gusts were officially psycho! Ben and Paul Croote looked like they were having a pretty harsh time aboard Cheese (Dog Mod.) (may even have been a full on pitch pole, LRN style!). But then they tamed the beast and Mach 10 was obtained. Tim and Rhys went for a blast in the Beer Monster (Italian Bistro Mod. 2643). Looked like they were going well to the shore party. Maximum twin-ability! Then they disappeared from view:

“Ooo extreme wipeout”

“That's gotta hurt”

“I don't think that was a capsize”

“Looks like the rigs down”

Sadly they were right. Tim got a tow back with his mast in 3 pieces. Sorry dude, happens to the best of us. At least you were sending it! That mast was homemade over 15 years ago by a pair of first time mast builders: A decade and a half isn't bad - AND it went straight to Valhalla.

In the evening we visited the now traditional “Bombay Tandoori” in Rugby. 4 courses for seven quid. Value! Hottest Madras I've ever had though! Then we went to a club called Style. Apparently you're allowed to take knives in, as long as they're slashing knives, not stabbing knives.

Cheers Mr bouncer, your a ledge! Much hilarity insued with raspberry sambuca, Dave's dancing, and pogo bar stools.

The camera was out, but hope those pictures don't make it onto the forum! Then all back to Iain C's for a much more comfortable night!

Sunday - The other extreme

Everyone woke up either very hung, or still peeved. Sainsbury's wasn't open to serve us breakfast, but happily Mary at Draycote was able to provide bacon and sausage butties. Just what we needed. Met the legend that is TT.

Atum Bomb hit the water for only the second time, driven by Will and abley crewed by Ben Howett. Nice to see the kite up this time. Squid Quo Pro (Squid 2677)boys were going well, smoking upwind.

Strawberry adopted Tim as her new pet, and took Stu along as well. Some twinability up and downwind. Savage capsize on the gybe, but sailing again in less than a minute. Good drills! Then the wind shifted by 90 degrees and died.

Centreboard paddling home for most, followed by boat and tent packing away in the hail.

Report: Stu Tinner


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