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Starcross Steamer 5th Feb

It started with two Cherubs, AquaMarina 2681 and 'The Squid' 2677 leaving from Plymouth to Exeter at a very unsociable hour in the morning for these four students. It was set for an 11am start, being a 2 & 1/2 hr pursuit, the winds were set to be light, but we didnt think itll be this light! During the rigging process, with very limited space for cherubs, LOTS of attention as all the other boats where Merlins, and other typical plastic SMOD's. While much faffing about was happening we saw a cadet moving - everyone was in ore. So rapid getting ready was in order as the water was lovely and flat.

Once changed the wind had pretty much all gone, so very slow drifing to the windward mark was in order. Aqua was 1st out & having diffucilty popping the top battens, so the Squid just beat them round the first mark. Now on a reach, Kites went up - but then soon dropped and the reach turned into another beat as the tide was pushing us miles down stream! Squid still drifting infront of Aqua and now the downwind leg, Squid is 97 rules and Aqua has an 05 kite. So once Aqua had gone round the mark her kite went up in hot pursit of the Squid, passing MPS & others who had stopped. Saying that Aqua was the only boat to see the helm monkeying in and out on the wire to ensure maximum flatability! All kites were collapsing around us and the cherubs fell down too. After about an hour of drifting in lovely warm sunshine, and Aqua catching the Squid, both Cheubs decided enough is enough & it really wasnt Cherub weather so we headed for home. Once again, batten issues onboard Aqua - so rapid change needed by heeling her over far too much to simply pop them! Gave up and got a ride into the beach, whilst the Squid carried on and finally landed. Bacon butties and drink was on tap & a slow de-rig. Squidists are proving themselves to be good light wind sailors, they came from merlins so have roll tacking to a fine art - I think Ben and Daryl in Loco will have some competition in this area.

Many thanks to Starcross and all the patient racers as we rigged in their area, and also 'accidentally ' leaving the sail right infront of the race box so the OD couldnt see, ops! Also thanks to Fotoboat and Pictures on



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