Cardinal Sin is nearing the completion of the tool set at a rapid pace. Team Aardvark have done a fantastic job in moving this project along so quickly. The Hull tool will have come off the pattern by the time this update hits the web and Charles England at Sea Solutions is well on the way with the foils from the class mould. The most superb C-Tech rig arrived by air freight last Friday complete with bowsprit and oval boom.

Mike Cooke at Aardvark estimates 4 weeks before the first Cherub from a complete production tool set comes out of the workshop.

This weekend sees some long hours with SolidWorks CAD package to finalise the Bill of Materials and final design layouts. It will also see the first serious production parts drawing for “T” foil components that use lightly modified windsurfer skegs with some CNC manufactured parts. There is also a really cute solution for quickfit rudder attachment too.

If you're interested in a new boat don't hang around. I'll be machining parts in the next week so please get in touch as there are economies of scale to share in making multiple CNC parts. richard_taylor me to find out more.

The Hull pattern


Deck pattern



Eggbert the Nasty

Forman 8, ply with recently added false floor.

1991 rules rig.

Great first cherub.

Just needs a new spinni halyard and a few blocks,

Now listed on ebay item number 220034363663 Link

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