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These folks have offered us a 10% or more discount in return for a link from the website. This is untested, but the instructions are to go to their website, click on 'log in' at the top, filling your details and put “Cherub Class Ass.” in the “Company” box on the form. Then (apparently) you'll get a discount on everything, in-store or on-line.

Please report your experiences here.

www.algeos.com Aqua marina has had Lunarsoft SL, 2mm thick, £12 a sheet (1.3mx0.9m). Far cheaper than RS! Watch out though , Lunarsoft SL is not on their website so you have to order it by phone!

Talk to Dave Roe who has some kind of arrangement with some wetsuit manufacturer. 07798607745

  1. Wiz Deas at Matrix Mouldings has a soft spot for the class. www.matrixmouldings.co.uk
  2. Talk to Dave Roe who has some kind of arrangement with SP. 07798607745
  3. If you are a student try Marineware, they give students trade price less 10%, however, I have yet to try this out
  4. For foam core materials try Impag located in Dursley, Gloucestershire.
  1. Redeye Sails - Made sails for Loco Perro and Suicide Blonde www.redeyesails.co.uk
  2. Caws Sails - Made sails for Shiney Beast and Little Red Number 01983 299397
  3. RMW Marine - Made sails for AquaMarina and Primal Scream. www.rmwmarine.com
  4. Batt Sails - Long history in the class. www.battsails.com

M.Putt sailmakers in North East London are excellent and very reasonably priced. 0208 599 1413


  1. Get landing-net poles from a fishing shop. “Carp Thief” is the type you want. “Rugby Tackle” in Rugby is the shop recommended by Iain Christie.
  2. Get a thing called a 'whip' from a fishing shop. It is a long telescopic fishing rod with no reel or anything. Araldite the couple of sections at the fat end together, take out the thin ones - Hey presto - tiller extensions!

Or for more ideas have a look at Good Value Tiller Extensions

RS800 masts. There are loads of these scattered around every dinghy park in the land, it seems! Windsurfer masts. Ditto.

This frenchman runs a mail order business in the NE of England.

[email protected]

These folks sold Will 20 rubber bungs (20mm long, 10.5mm dia at the big end and 8mm dia at the small end) for £2.50. The product code is 646-044. The website is http://www.jencons.co.uk/pdf_files/catalogue/rubber_bungs.pdf and the phone number is 01525 372010.

This young lady will make you sail numbers for 99p each and class “heart” insignias for £1.50 each. Post and packing is £1.90. So that's two insignia and eight numbers on your door-step for just over twelve quid. Bargain! [email protected]

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