How to get one

To get hold of a Cherub, you've got three options:

For your first Cherub this is you best option. It gets you into the class, where a wealth of information can be found from the members. You'll learn how to handle the boat, what makes it tick and what you want from your next one. Most of all you'll understand why a 12 foot boat is so much more fun to sail than any other!

Second Hand Boat List

We have 3 professional class builders-

Hartley Laminates are based in Derby and are building the Cherub Daemon. Bloodaxe are based in the Isle of Wight, and are world renowned for Olympic winning foils.
Andy is a 5 times National Champion, so he knows what he's doing!
Aardvark Technologies** are a top class builder in N12's as well as Cherubs
with leading boats built in both fleets.

This is probably the most challenging option, unless you're used to big lamination jobs. Bloodaxe Boats supply plans for a small sum. And again, other designs can be found by contacting the class technical officer. Or if you are really game, you can design and build one all yourself. If you decide on this, please take full advantage of the class' huge library of online information and technical support.

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