UK-Cherub Class

Get Your Heart Racing

Events 2020

Open Meetings

* March 21/22 - Rutland SC

* May 23/24 - Grafham Water SC

* June 20/21 - Isle of Sheppy

* July 11/12 - Weymouth regatta

* October 24/25 - Queen Mary SC - will be the 2020 Inland Championship

Currently 3 out of 5 to count with Inlands non-discardable. We have space for one more meeting in April or September if anyone can arrange one?

For further details please see the events section of the Forum

The Nationals

The 2020 Nationals will be held at Mumbles Yacht Club South Wales on August 22-25th, Shared with the 4k's as in 2015.

The Blasts

A Blast is a cherub event a bit like an open meeting, but without racing to get in the way of the sailing. If you would like to try a Cherub this event is organised to give you the chance to get your heart racing. Contact before the event and we'll have a boat waiting for you…

2020 TBC - If you could host one at your club in late April or September/October please post to that effect in the events section of the Forum

Reports from previous Year's events can be found here

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